Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Unexpected Friendships That Turned Into Love

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Unexpected Friendships That Turned Into Love

1. It's A Lot Like Love

Where did it begin? Was it the first day of college six years ago? Was it that fresher's dance that I don't even remember? Was it on one of those drunken nights? Or during those hungover morning conversations? Was it slowly happening all those times I declared it wouldn't happen? I wouldn't know how to answer this question, no matter how many times I am asked over the years. But exactly five years later, when his lips touched mine, arms snaking around my waist; I knew this was what love must feel like. So far, the kisses and the feelings are exactly the same.

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2. That's When I Knew

It happened the night we headed out with our friends, hoping to reach the concert venue on time. As we got pushed aside on the ground, we lost track of our group and he decided to stay with me, keeping me company till we found them again. Since I didn't even like the band and the tickets were free, I was bored immediately. Exactly 2 seconds later, he asked me "Wanna ditch the concert and get a pizza?" One giant pizza later, he dropped me home and I instinctively leaned in for a kiss, pulling him close. To my surprise, he kissed me back and trailed his fingers through my hair. As we broke apart, he said "I've been wanting to do that ever since I met you!" and that's when I knew, this was it. 

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3. Best Friends With Benefits

He and I met when we were dating different people, both very much in love (with our respective others). We often spoke about how perfect life would be if we just decided to date one another because we knew each other better than anybody ever could. But two breakups and 5 years later, we decided to get drinks for brunch and it finally happened. Years of bottled up sexual tension burst out as the LIIT's made their way into our bloodstream. He left a peck on my cheek and made steady eye contact, that was all the invitation I needed to kiss him breathless, squeezing his fingers and grabbing his ass with my other hand. It was a thrill I had never experienced before, and that's the moment when I fell in love with my best friend. 

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