3 Wild Tales Of Sex In An Abandoned Place

3 Wild Tales Of Sex In An Abandoned Place

1. Building of Secrets

I grew up in an old residential colony in Delhi. A few houses down the lane is a property that has been under dispute for the longest time. As long as I can remember, it was a dilapidated building which had been abandoned midway under construction. As teenagers, my girlfriends and I would sneak in there with a bottle of alcohol and tell each other ghost stories. Last year when I was visiting home for Diwali, it served an entirely different purpose. My on-again-off-again boyfriend was walking me back home after a night out drinking. We hadn’t seen each other in months and we were having a heated discussion about why I thought it was a terrible idea to be back together again. It must’ve been the whiskey or the sexual tension we’d been battling all night - but he just decided to kiss me. And I didn’t push him away. The kiss turned into a heated make-out session. And well, there it was. Like the Hogwarts’ Room Of Requirement - the abandoned house came to the rescue. Another thing that came to our rescue? The condom he’d been carrying around in his wallet.

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2. Parking Lot Fun

Finding places to make out when you both live at home is difficult. But what do you do about the insatiable desire for each other? Well, you sneak around and get creative. And a car is always a promising place. After weeks of no action, we finally found a solution - a deserted parking lot. As soon as he parked the car, I jumped into his arms to kiss him. I’d been wanting it for so long that my body and mind were both out of control. Quickly undressing as much as we could, he entered me. The pleasure, and relief, I felt in that moment was so intense that within seconds, I was unravelling in his arms. Well, car sex isn’t the best and the risk of getting caught just makes things hotter!

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3. The Eerie Basement

I visited my boyfriend’s childhood home within six months of our relationship when his parents were away on vacation. His two-storey house had a basement that was used for storage but was also his ‘man cave’. He had a video game set up and after dinner, we retreated to a game of FIFA. One thing lead to another and we were soon taking each other’s clothes off, though to be honest, I have always feared closed spaces and especially underground basements. But that rush that came with doing something dangerous was totally worth it. Fear fueled lust and at the end of the night, my orgasm had a height I’d never reached before.

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