6 Classic South Delhi Girl Things That Everyone Should Do

6 Classic South Delhi Girl Things That Everyone Should Do

There’s one thing we all can say without a shadow of doubt - Delhi girls are awesome and no matter where they go, they carry a little bit of Dilli in their Dil. They’re moody, but they’re fabulous! And even though people make a mockery out of them, there are somethings they do that everyone should follow! Next time someone gets a kick out of taking a jab at them, you repeat these words like a gospel.

1. Shop, Shop, Shop

Ever heard how retail therapy helps? Well, it’s true. Just save up some moolah and splurge when you feel down. You can even ditch the usual zing and go out shopping in your pyjamas. It will actually feel like a therapy! Trust us.

1 south delhi girls

2. Have Chuski and Pan at India Gate - The Most Dilli Thing Ever!

Because, why not? Everyone can find their way to India Gate to have some yummy ice cream after midnight. And if you’re there in winters, then the pan wale bhaiya near Claridge's will definitely rescue you!

3. Chill in the mall and just let the day be

Sometimes, you just want to soak up the sun and that’s what weekends (and sometimes sweet weekdays) are for. And if you’re thinking of where to go, then the oldest South Delhi mall has a super cool Klub (yeah, that’s right) called the Kama Klub which is not only a great party place but will make up for a great brunch place with your girlies!

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4. Not give a damn about things

Learn from the South Delhi girls not to care. No matter what people say, they stay true to themselves and that’s what makes them fabulous! Haters gonna hate, after all.

5. Colony friends be the best ones

If one thing we all know staying in South Delhi colonies is making friends that we have known for life, even if they move away to different cities or countries. Whether it is a breakup party or a best friend’s wedding, you can always count on South Delhi girls to show up.

5 south delhi girls

6. Stick to a diet when needed but hog on the famous street foods when you let go!

You know what’s great? Following a great diet. But you know what’s amazing? Knowing when to let loose and when to hold on. South Delhi girls may know when to follow a strict diet, but they also have their favourite chaat papadi wala who is actually the best one in town. Isn’t that the best thing ever?

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*This post is in association with Kaama Klub.

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