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6 *Easy* Ways To Get A Smooth Derrière Just In Time For Your Honeymoon!

6 *Easy* Ways To Get A Smooth Derrière Just In Time For Your Honeymoon!

While lunges and squats may help you get that perfect Kim K butt, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a smooth looking derrière. Here are some simple ‘booty beauty secrets’ that will not only perk up your behind but will also make it soft and supple, just in time for your honeymoon. Take a look.

1. Moisturize please!

Yes, that comes with a plea because when it comes to moisturizing, the butt is the most ignored part of our body. Just like our hands, legs, waist and back, our butt needs equal bit of moisture. Use an oil-free cream, preferably a baby lotion (Johnson's Baby Lotion Rs 127), which is the safest option if you have sensitive skin.  

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2. Consult a professional beautician

Waxing is a good option to get rid of unwanted hair but you need to try it a couple of months prior to avoid any skin irritations. Best would be to consult a professional beautician and do a patch test to see if it works for you. You definitely don’t want those rashes on your butt with that sexy bikini, do you?

3. Booty foods can help!

Foods such as peanut butter, brown rice, cottage cheese, and meat are packed with fatty acids and proteins that not only add volume to your behind but also make it soft and supple. Fuel up on these if you’ve always desired a bigger, rounder and smoother derrière without actually hitting the gym.

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4. Conceal your stretch marks

Just like a concealer helps cover up those stubborn pigmentation marks on your face, we suggest you try the same trick to hide your stretch marks, in case you are wearing a bikini. Apply a thin layer of a waterproof concealer (closest to your natural skin tone) on your stretch marks to hide them. Yes, you could thank us later!

5. Panties do make a difference

While G-strings and thongs look great in the bedroom, they are not very skin-friendly. Instead, we suggest you look beyond aesthetics and opt for a much more breathable fabric like cotton that helps trap sweat and avoids friction. Opt for seamless cotton undies under bodycon dresses to avoid pantylines or the elastic digging into your skin which may cause unwanted marks and rashes.

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6. Avoid sweat

Sweat it out at the gym, but do not let it persist on your skin. Go for a shower immediately and use a good scrub for your butt as well. Remember, exfoliation of your butt is as much important as it is for your face.

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