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11 Gorgeous Shrugs You Can Wear With Any Outfit!

As an adult we are constantly finding dresses with sleeves or shirts that cover our butt because lets face it, we are too lazy to start our workout routine. Even if we are regular with it, we need something to cover up a spaghetti top or a strapless dress to style our clothes differently. One of my go-to garments is a simple shrug. Worn throughout the year, it provides shoulder coverage and some upper arm concealing during summers without disturbing the rest of the outfit too much. In cooler times, it is a great added layer to the outfit. So wear them loose or wear them wrapped around, wear them fastened with a belt or wear them inside out, this one piece has the ability to transform your look within a minute. Here are some beautiful pieces to add to your closet to make your boring outfits look super trendy.

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Published on Jan 25, 2018
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