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Beauty Evolution: Shraddha Kapoor’s Hair And Make-Up Game Has Just Gotten Better With Time

Beauty Evolution: Shraddha Kapoor’s Hair And Make-Up Game Has Just Gotten Better With Time

Shraddha Kapoor has got that girl next door charm that makes all the young girls want to be her, and all the boys want to ask her out. She started her journey with Aashiqui 2 where her make-up was minimal but over the years, she’s become a youth icon for millennials. Her make-up and hair game is often spotted on Instagram as inspiration. Here is Shraddha’s beauty evolution before we see what she does in 2018.



A lot of you may not know this but Shraddha’s first film was Luv Ka The End. While it was clear that Shraddha didn’t need a lot of make-up to accentuate her girly looks. New on the block and still a bit unsure of her style, Shraddha kept it college-chic with some mascara and a half-up, half down hairdo.



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Shraddha played it safe by pairing a sari with shimmery bold eyes at a promo launch for her big hit in Aashiqui 2. She kept the lips nude and played up her eyes, something that she is now known for.



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2013 to 2014 is where we really start to see a bolder more adventurous Shraddha. At the Star Guild Awards, she goes for a classic old-Hollywood make-up look with a bright lip and neutral shades on the eyes. She looks fantastic!


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A few short months after, Shraddha is seen rocking a sparkly LBD and an amazing smokey eye which added spice to her miss-goody-two-shoes image.



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A cat-eye is every girl’s best friend, am I right? Kicking off the year with a photo shoot, this make-up look is every girly-girl’s dream. Big curls, dramatic cat eye and just a kiss of blush.



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Shraddha was spotted at a make-up launch looking fresh and youthful. She’s nailing that barely there, fresh make-up look that all of us want to get right. Neutral tones, groomed brows and just a touch of pink lipstick turns this simple look into something great.


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This is one of our favourite looks from head-to-toe. Not only does Shraddha look fabulous in this Aiisha Ramadan dress, but that soft smokey eye and updo show off her features beautifully. If you’ve got great brows like hers remember to shape them well, and use a little brow shadow to give further definition.



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No matter what look she pulls off, she looks the best when she’s got minimal make-up on. This look from a hair commercial in 2017 goes to show that a little shimmer brown shadow and high-volume mascara is really a girl’s best friend.


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When the outfit is this edgy the makeup needs to fit the bill. This look from September 2017, is all about playing up the eyes, which she loves so much. Go bold with a cat eye and your smokey shadow palette to get this look. Pro tip: if you feel this look is making your eyes look too small, add a white eye pencil to the water line to open up your eyes.


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After seeing all her looks, we can’t help but think that this last one sums up Shraddha's make-up and hair evolution. It’s a mix of traditional, naughty, and a whole lotta classy.

Play by Shraddha’s make-up rules and you’ll always be the belle of the ball.


Published on Jan 11, 2018
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