This Touching Short Film Makes Us Believe In True Love!

This Touching Short Film Makes Us Believe In True Love!

You never know where it comes from. All you know is that it makes your life beautiful. We’ve seen it happen to others and it may have had happened to you, too. One serendipitous look at a bar, a blind date set up by mutual friends, or your best friend’s wedding—Cupid strikes and you find THE ONE.

But falling in love is the easier part; it is the relationship that scares people off. It needs to be nurtured and that requires time, commitment and effort. Take it from Ridhima and Armaan whose fate brought together, but then life threw a curveball. There are miles separating them, but only one thing bringing them closer: their love for each other. 

We have been conditioned to believe that long-distance relationships never work, but hey, never say never! This short film will reignite your hope as you watch a couple going against all odds to make it work. If you have been a cynic in love, it’s time to change your stance and start believing in the happy ever after

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*This post is in collaboration with Hike.