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Shimla Is Calling You For The Long Weekend And Here's Why!

Shimla Is Calling You For The Long Weekend And Here's Why!

Imagine taking a walk on a street covered in snow, starting a snow fight with your friends or just simply sipping on a cup of hot chocolate sitting by the window while you experience the most beautiful season of all. Yes, it does feel like a dream. But some dreams do come true, isn't it? Irrespective of how old you are or how much you like or dread this chilly weather, we always want to experience the season's first snowfall. Well, you can now, as your favourite hill station, Shimla, has turned completely white. And the good news is, you have a long weekend ahead of you. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip with your friends or loved ones right now before all the snow starts to melt away.

1. Oh my God! Is that even real?


This is a picture of a fresh fall. Yes, it is totally untouched.

Picture credits: Shailja Chauhan

2. You must be kidding me. Is this place even in India?


You can catch this view right outside the Shimla High Court.

Picture credits: Shailja Chauhan

3. The clouds here look like fresh cotton candy.


Go a little outside town and feel the freshness in the air.

Picture credits: Daanish Sharma

4. The view from these benches is breathtaking. Trust me!


But would you dare to sit on them?

Picture credits: Shailja Chauhan

5. The heritage hotel covered in a white blanket looks surreal.

Benches outside The Clarkes hotel are picture perfect.

6. There is nothing as serene as witnessing this IRL!


A post shared by Shimla Life ॐ (@shimlalife) on

Ask the Shimla locals and they can direct you to this heavenly place.

7. Take a stroll on the beautiful Mall road.


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How about a walk on the Ridge.

8. Haven't you booked your tickets already? 

I bet you can find this everywhere around you here.

9. Walking on snow that nobody has walked on before is such a thrill!


A post shared by The Soulplay (@thesoulplay) on

Don't forget your boots. The roads can be slippery too.

10. Yes, you can make your own snow angel.


A post shared by Karan Chimra (@karanchimra) on

Visit Jakhu Mandir to get this pretty view of the entire town.

11. Is that a cotton ball? You can touch and tell.


A post shared by Himachal photos (@camera_clickz) on

Keep your gloves handy. You would definitely need them.

12. Imagine waking up to this view.


A post shared by Mohit Dhull (@kabir_0028) on

Be mesmerized by the beauty of this town.

13. Does this happen every year? Let's go and settle here.


A post shared by Aadi (@adiknwr) on

You can catch this view on your way to Shimla. 

14. This looks no less than a heavenly bliss.


A post shared by Aarav Shethi (@aaravshethi) on

The second oldest church in North India is in this town. No, we are not bragging at all.

15. You can watch the morning sun shining over snow-covered trees.


A post shared by Royce Kukreja (@x_ro) on

You would have to get up early in the morning, though.

16. View from my window. You can have it too.

IMG 3930

Hey, can someone please get me a cup of hot chocolate, please.

Picture credits: Saachi Bamba

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