#FashionDiaries: My Boyfriend Gifted Me Sexy Lingerie... And It Didn't Fit!

#FashionDiaries: My Boyfriend Gifted Me Sexy Lingerie... And It Didn't Fit!

Every relationship has its firsts. The first date, first kiss, even the first fight, these moments are the ones that keep the romance alive. One big moment in any relationship is when your boyfriend buys you something intimate. It is totally romantic and extremely erotic, a milestone that if crossed with flying colours can solidify your status as a bonafide couple. But life is not always fair and these things can sometimes go so wrong! And my personal experience with a gifted lingerie came down to two things, either my boyfriend is a massive optimist or downright dumb.

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So here’s what happened. It was my birthday, my boyfriend and I were having a low key celebration with just us staying in and watching The Shawshank Redemption (cue: sniggering). He thought it will be fun to do that whole thing where you get a gift for someone else but it’s really for you. I open my present and it is a La Senza gift bag with the skimpiest little lingerie set I have ever held in my hand. It was a sheer lace number in a blazing red colour that will put any self-professed “man-eater” to shame. At first, I laughed, then I saw the business in my boyfriend's eyes and realised it wasn't a gag gift. So I blushed, panicked a little and decided to get over myself and play along. I excused myself, took the bra out of its package and freaked the F out! I am a 34B, women out there get this, but this bra was a big old 34D!

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Now every woman knows that the bra band size can be somewhat played with but the humungous cups? I was swimming in that bra! Another big breath, right! How do you minimise the cup size? Being a student of fashion, I already knew how to sew with my eyes closed. I quickly wrapped my head around the whole situation and decided to fix the damn thing myself. Here is how you fix a cup size that is too big for your:

Step 1: Put on the bra, figure out how much the bra doesn’t fit you by and where the cups wrinkle the most (top, bottom, sides, etc).

Step 2: The bra I had on wrinkled with extra fabric in front of my chest, at the apex where the two cups meet. I grabbed some pins, and tucked the extra fabric at the inseam underwire of the bra, making sure that there was no extra fabric spilling from any area and the cup to be taut on my breasts.

Step 3: Folding the fabric inwards, I made a few quick tucks of the extra fabric to the unwire of the bra. The whole thing took under 5 minutes! I had done a decent job where nobody could tell that the bra had been tampered with!

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Although it seems like a neat trick, it sadly only works for non-padded bras. I later asked my boyfriend as to how he decided on the size of the bra to buy me. To this he replied, he had overheard me talking over the phone with a friend mentioning my bra size to be “34D”. So, not only my boyfriend has no idea about how bras work, he is also bad at eavesdropping. I made sure the next time my boyfriend is planning to buy me something, I call up my friend and talk about my sizes and favourite styles in the clearest and loudest voice possible!

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