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Ditch The Norms! Here's Why Avoiding A Stage At Your Wedding Is A Good Idea!

Ditch The Norms! Here's Why Avoiding A Stage At Your Wedding Is A Good Idea!

In the current day and age, weddings are a mix of traditions as well modernity. But while some traditions elevate the wedding celebrations, there are others that are nothing but a forced ‘stereotype.’ Having a 'stage' on your wedding day is one of them. Even though it is a practice which has been going on for years, we have a few reasons that will not only convince you to avoid it but also save you on the added expenditure.

1. Smile, please

A stage is what a photo booth is now for millennials! While sometimes this can be unavoidable, you could very well mingle with your guests and click some candid pictures without having to have a stage involved.

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2. Photo Booth

Think about it, your stage could also be used as a photo booth for all your wedding guests. Basically, the money you spend on your stage décor would come in full use of your guests getting their best selfies clicked!

2 stage

3. Décor

A stage requires a lot of décor and lighting since that becomes the centre of attention for everyone. This means you need to pay a lot of attention to the décor on the stage which also equals additional expenditure.

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4. Kids playground

Once the 1034638th picture is taken, your stage would eventually become the playground for all the little ones at your wedding.  Believe us, kids running around you, while you take some memorable pictures for your wedding album is not exactly what you want.

4 stage

5. No interaction with guests

Since you both would mainly be on the stage, you’ll not be able to have a personal interaction with your guests. Couples nowadays prefer to move around the crowd and interact with the guests rather than just stand on the stage during the entire function.

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6. Click click click

Having a stage would mean the two of you would have to pose non-stop for the photographer in those cliched poses for your wedding album. Instead of this, you both could host a fun cocktail night and take candid shots!

6 stage

7. No party time

Being on the stage during most part of your function also means that you miss out on all the fun wedding moments. Your friends and family would be busy near the bar and the dance floor while you both are stuck looking at them, wishing you could be a part of the celebrations! 

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