14 Years Later And We're Still Not Over The 'Rachel Green' Hairstyles

14 Years Later And We're Still Not Over The 'Rachel Green' Hairstyles

Ah, Friends. As a teenager, on school nights I would finish my homework, get comfy on the couch and turn on the TV to watch Friends. And then watch a (repeat) marathon session over the weekend.

‘Coz one time wasn’t enough.

For me, Friends would be incomplete without Rachel Green. I strongly believe she’s the principal character of the show. If you think about it, the show was from her view, when she walks out of her wedding and joins the gang. Just like Rachel Green is irreplaceable in the story, her hairstyles are still a part of our #HairGoals. Team POPxo talks about our favourite Rachel Green hairdos!

rachel green haircuts 3

Messy Hair, Don’t Care

“In the first season of Friends, Rachel had the messy hair look we all love and ace from time to time. While our reasons range from not having enough time to comb our hair to just being too lazy to do it, Rachel carried it off with the perfect attitude and smile. May we remind you, her hair added to the flirty vibe that the scene had going on. Let’s hope when our Ross asks us for a date, we can look half as good as she did.”

-Rhea Guliani, Social Media Co-ordinator


rachel green haircuts 1

The Signature ‘Rachel Green’ Hairstyle

 “Jennifer Aniston’s entry as a bride may have been all about dishevelled layers but once she figures out her new life, she gets one of the most iconic haircuts of all time. She looked great when she had her hair open, half-up or even tied up in a bun. The hairstyle became a keyword at every hair salon in India—yes, I used it too! But considering I had waist-long hair, I’m yet to get it. Oh well, there’s still time!”

-Manavi Siddhanti, Beauty Editor

rachel green haircuts 2

That Messy-Mom Look

 “A lot of people didn’t like this look but I thought it was a good change from Rachel’s straight hair. The soft and messy curls looked perfect on her, who was also a new mom and didn’t have too much time on her hands. Rachel was always a fashion icon for everyone, but the messy curls combined with her outstanding style just raised the bar to another level.”

-Manvi Malhotra, Senior Wedding Writer

rachel green haircuts 4

The Long Hair Phase

“I don’t know if she grew her hair long—or if it was extensions but I loved it! I too, have, Rapunzel-long hair so it’s really hard to keep things interesting. But Rachel did a great job with her highlights and lowlights.”

-Tanya Verma, Social Media Coordinator


rachel green haircuts 5

The Angled Fringe

I’ve loved most of her looks but this was the most doable hairstyle for me. I loved how the angled fringe added a dimension to her face. Jen looked great even when she pinned them up towards the side. I’m surprised Ross didn’t want to kiss her back in this episode!

-Manasvi Jaitly, Wedding Editor

rachel green haircuts 7

Side Bangs!

“This ‘Rachel Green’ cut is the reason I spent my last year in school looking like a labrador, who was in desperate need of some grooming! The lesson that no one taught me: if you have wavy hair, bangs need to be styled every single day. Now that I’m older and wiser, I think it’s time to bring this look back!”

-Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor

rachel green haircuts 6

The Short Bob

In my humble opinion, this short bob perfectly summarises Rachel’s growth from a ditzy waitress to a #BossBabe! With her promotion as Merchandising Manager at Ralph Lauren and PYT for a boyfriend, you remember Tag, she’s the perfect embodiment of Parisian chic with a cropped bob. Lowlight and a middle parting this is the easiest hairdo to pull off, all you need is Rachel’s chutzpah. Still, waiting to get mine to go all chop-chop!  

-Akshita Nahar Jain, Fashion Editor

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