Fashion Trends Every Girl Needs To Add To Her 2018 Vocabulary

Fashion Trends Every Girl Needs To Add To Her 2018 Vocabulary

We are only in the third week of the New Year and already a lot has happened in the world of fashion. From top Hollywood A-listers wearing all black at the Golden Globe Awards to H&M launching an affordable line for millennials, the year has already been eventful. But the New Year, while bringing good tidings with it, also brings a lot of uncertainties! But, fortunately for fashion, you can fairly judge what will be trending throughout the year in terms of popular new fashion styles. Well, we mused over the same things and have come up you need to add to your fashion glossary for the year 2018!  

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1. Stark Minimalism

Minimalist styling is a fashion and lifestyle concept that is gaining popularity among older millennials due to its practicality and ease. The idea can be summed up with a simple "less is more" approach to clothing. This, in turn, has given birth to the 2017 fashion term - normcore. It is a way of dressing in a conventional or nondescript fashion. In 2018, normcore is believed to give way to stark minimalism in your wardrobe and life choices.  

2. Power Sleeves

Big, powerful sleeves had a big hand in the fashion trends game this year and they don't seem to be slowing down. They add an extra character to your ensemble and create the right amount of noise to get attention. Balloon, bishop, bell and much more, the power sleeves are a shoe-in for the “New Year, new you” closet!

3. Clear PVC Pieces  

Ushered in by the Kardashian clan, clear plastic outerwear and footwear have become fashion royalties. From brands like Calvin Klein to Valentino and Chanel, these clear PVC clothes and accessories are definitely among the weirdest top trends of 2017. The lucite heeled shoes have particularly won the raffle on this one, being transparent makes the style very versatile and thus, popular.

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4. “Woke” Fashion


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Although slogan t-shirts have been around for a while, a new wave of fashion is taking over the industry, “woke” message clothing has arrived. The idea of fashion being “woke” can be described as using the platform to highlight the rising prominence of feminism across social culture. Beginning with Dior and their “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirts, we guarantee you are going to see more socially conscious fashion in the New Year.

5. Gender Neutral Clothing

With pressure mounting on advertisers and brands to remove gender labels from their content and collections, it was about time that gender-neutral lines started to show up. Ranges from ‘Denim United’ by H&M and ‘Ungendered’ by Zara are proof of the slowly evolving fashion scene of the modern 21st century millennial.

6. Puffer

Yes, this trend was as mind-boggling to us as it is to you right now! How can something with such an unflattering silhouette become a front-runner for top style trends? But puffer jackets did just that. Street style fashionistas are to be lauded for their effort to bring this jacket under the spotlight, it's comfy, cosy and all kinds of quirky.

7. Triple Denim

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Denim on denim is so 2017! The bad boy of fashion, Tom Ford, has taken it a step further and added a third piece of denim to the mix. Barring the usual shirts, jeans and jackets, women have been adding denim bras, bags and footwear to the ensemble. This OTT look is a novelty right now but come this year we foresee a surge in its popularity given that the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce have taken it up!

8. Bum Bags


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2017 saw a big revival of fanny packs among high fashion circles. From starts like Kendall Jenner to brands like Gucci, everybody seemed to be on board with the look. In 2018, we like to call this style bum bags and it is about to evolve into a broader bag category with more traditional designs joining the fanny pouch league.

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