Dear Bride-To-Be, Please DON'T Do These Things While Shopping For Your Bridal Lehenga!

Dear Bride-To-Be, Please DON'T Do These Things While Shopping For Your Bridal Lehenga!

Choosing your wedding dress is probably the single most important task of your life; second only to choosing your groom, right? You’re going to remember your wedding outfit – the one in which you enter holy matrimony – forever and ever! Okay, now that we’ve significantly cranked up the pressure, let us help you avoid making mistakes while picking out your bridal outfit. Don’t worry, follow these simple rules and you’ll end up with the kind of outfit you always dreamed of.

1. Do your referencing

Even before you start with physically going to stores, start looking online. Pinterest can be your best friend here. Remember, proper research is important!

2. Don’t rush to go buy your outfit

We know you’re excited but wait until your wedding date and venue is finalized. No point buying a heavy lehenga when you are having an easy, breezy beach wedding, right?

3. Don’t take the whole world along

Shopping for your bridal outfit can be very overwhelming. Don’t take too many people along, as it might get super confusing and may even lengthen the process of you finalizing the outfit.

4. Don’t get pressurized

Stay calm and be clear with everyone including your own parents and your in-laws. There’s no need to get talked into buying or wearing something you don’t want to.

4 wedding outfit

5. Don’t bother too much about trends

Trends come and go so don’t stress too much about your outfit not ticking all the boxes. You need to love it, that’s all.

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6. Don’t be unrealistic

We know, we know – your wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. But we’d urge you to be practical too. Is your bridal outfit worth auctioning your kidney for? We think not. But the choice is yours!

7. Don’t be hasty

Just because you want to check the task off your list, don’t just buy the first outfit that comes your way. We know it can be stressful, but you will find ‘the one’ and it’ll be worth the effort.

8. Don’t be phased by a brand name

Even if you want to wear a designer lehenga, please consider your own body type, skin tone, etc. Don’t blindly go in for something you’ve seen in a magazine or a movie. It may not work for you.

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9. Don’t try on too many outfits

Be strategic about your shopping. You don’t need to go to 100 stores. Here’s where your referencing will help you, because you would have already narrowed the search down.

10. Don’t walk into stores you know you can’t afford

Sure, taking a look never hurt anyone. But take it from us; having your heart set on something you can’t buy is an unnecessary and painful process.

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11. Don’t be ambitious about sizes

You’d rather buy a bigger size and get something altered nearer to the wedding if you plan to lose weight. It doesn’t make sense to buy something small with the assumption that you will be many sizes smaller. No, won’t do.

12. Think about the accessories

In case you are wearing inherited jewellery, you already know what you have to match your outfit to. Keep that in mind while shopping.

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13. Keep time for alterations

You need to get your outfit well in time for multiple rounds of alterations so set your timelines accordingly.

14. Think about the comfort factor too

You’re still going to have to spend many hours in this outfit. You should be able to breathe, and use the loo if you need to, and dance if you need to. It shouldn’t bog you down!

15. Stay true to you

There’s no rulebook in the world which dictates how you should look on your big day! If you have a distinct style, stick to it. Dress classy or quirky or simple or glamorous in accordance with your own personality. If you are happy with what you’re wearing, it’s going to show on your face.

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