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Aww-Dorable Beauty Product Minis That You Will Fall In Love With!

Everything somehow looks better in miniature packaging or form. Smurfs, gnomes, elves, mini cupcakes, doughnut holes… Do you catch my drift? So, of course, at some point, I was going to talk about mini beauty products that were aww-dorable! I swear there are times when I go to stores and even though there are full sizes available I usually pick up the minis. They serve a lot of purposes - they fit in a lot of my small bags and clutches. They are ideal to travel with, without having to scramble to find containers AND of course they look super cute.

So here’s my pick of the mini beauty buys that are not only efficient but also look good while doing their job!

Mini things in your mini bags. Just get some, seriously! DO!

Published on Jan 2, 2018
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