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The Best Love Coupons That Are So Much Better Than Material Gifts

The Best Love Coupons That Are So Much Better Than Material Gifts

Material gifts are so last season. What we really need to give our significant others this V-Day are emotions. After all, emotional investment is what’s missing in our hectic lifestyle these days. This Valentine’s Day, give your boyfriend some love coupons that he’ll love you for! So, girls, get your sketch pens out and let’s go back to the good ol’ days of showing affection through things other than money!  These love coupons for him will definitely boost your love, as well as bring in some fun.

This coupon is good for... 

1. A full body massage followed by a warm bath for two

A love coupon that will be blissful for both of you!  1 love coupons

2. One session of morning sex without even brushing our teeth!

We can make an exception for one day, right? Now that is a sexy love coupon 😉

3. A non-judgmental back scratch

Where you don’t go ‘OMG. When did you last take a bath?’ 3 love coupons

4. Ending a fight even when I am still mad

Better make this love coupon available for a one-time use only! 

5. Pancakes in bed with extra syrup!

And no fuss if it spills all over. Now that is a safe and sumptuous love coupon for him. 5 love coupons

6. One quickie...whenever and wherever you say

The ultimate love coupon to add that little spark to your sex life! 

7. One no underwear day!

Because he has been waiting for this for a long time! 7 love coupons

8. One striptease where I stop whatever I am doing and just take my clothes off!

He’ll wish he could use this love coupon again and again and again... 

9. One movie night where we watch the movie you suggest and I don’t sleep off.

Well, at least you can try! 9 love coupons

10. 50 kisses...not on the lips!

Give him some extra hot lovin’, ladies!

11. A nice long session of oral sex

When you give one without the expectation of receiving, that’s called really giving, right? This love coupon for him is sure going to impress him.11 love coupons

12. One time when I get out of the blanket to fetch water!

You know he secretly wants to say no every time you ask!

13. One video game night without me complaining

It’ll be like a dream come true for him! 13 love coupons Images: TumblrGiphy

Published on Jan 24, 2018
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