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A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Happy Winters

A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Happy Winters

Don’t feel like getting down from the bed in winters? Do you feel like you can laze under the quilt all day and watch movies like there’s no tomorrow? Well, you are not alone! Fun fact: It is believed that lazy people handle difficult tasks better because they find an easier (and efficient) way out. And I didn’t tell you that, Bill Gates did. So, while I’m raising my hands with all you lazy divas out there, here are a few hacks to help you from head-to-toe so that you have super easy winters!

For a gorgeous hairdo

When I say we’re lazy, I mean we’re lazy! We want to look great with minimal efforts and that even goes for our hair. So, an easy way to look awesome with great hair is to tie it up in a messy bun. A winter-friendly hairdo, it goes with oversized sweatshirt and will look absolutely perfect for your evening party with the right make-up. It requires zero skill and is an absolute no-brainer.

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For an easy skincare routine

We all hate to wake up and wash our face. Forget about making an extra effort to scrub, wash and clean our face every week. No one wants to mess with cold water, but we all still want to look absolutely flawless. And waxing? It is damn irritating to go and sit in front of the parlour lady in this weather. All you lazy sisters out there - I’ve got your back! You can simply use a basic scrub while taking a shower, just like soap and use the face masks while you’re chilling. And for hair removal, we’ve got the best hack. Veet hair removal strips help you get rid of body hair with no fuss and no mess. And while for some, body hair is not that big of a problem, they are absolutely annoyed with facial hair, right? Somehow, getting rid of facial hair becomes the most important thing. Don’t fret chicas, we have a solution for that, too! The Veet Sensitive Touch electric razor helps you get rid of facial hair without any pain in the comfort of your home. It removes hair as small as 1.5mm, and there is a separate blade to get rid of hair down there. How amazing is that?

For easy dressing up

While we get really comfy in the clothes we wear, we don’t like to keep changing outfits. Since we can’t really step out to a party in jammies, we have come up with an easier alternative to stand stylish and comfy during winters. Wear a printed scarf with a solid coloured sweater and skin-tight denims and complete your look with high heels. Minimal efforts and absolute chicness. Isn’t that just fab?  

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To put make-up with minimal efforts

More than applying, it’s the taking off bit that we all hate during winters. So, how about we go with minimal make-up that will not only look glam but will also be super easy to take off? Go with some blush on the cheeks along with a bright coloured lipstick and apply very little kohl. Yep, you’re good to go!

To workout without getting out of your bed

No one wants to leave their warm bed and step out into the cold early morning, but we all want to be healthy. Well, what if I tell you it’s possible to do both? There are a few exercises like leg raises and upper body workouts that you can do on your bed without even getting up. For five minutes after you wake up, do stomach crunches and leg raises. This, coupled with a controlled diet, will keep you relatively healthier, I promise!

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*This is a sponsored post for Veet.