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Dear Curvy Girl, Here Are 8 Easy Tips To Layer-Up Without Looking Bulky!

Dear Curvy Girl, Here Are 8 Easy Tips To Layer-Up Without Looking Bulky!

Being a 20 something Indian girl, winter for me is dressing according to how cold *my mom* is feeling. Not me, my mom! Basically, my life in a meme:

1 winter - when mom feels cold

To be honest, she still does that! Layer, layer, layer, winter is all about wearing more. You want to stay cosy without looking like a snowman. So, here are 8 tips to keep in mind while you layer yourself up this winter season that will keep you warm, make you look stylish without giving you extra volume. Mom, hope you’re listening!

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1. The 3-Layer Rule


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Any more than 3 layers can start to add bulk to your frame. So, whilst you follow the 3 layer rule, be selective about your choice of clothes. Go for heat-retaining fabrics that will do the needful in 3 layers.

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2. Layer Thinnest To Thickest


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Have an ultra-thin thermal in your closet waiting for a January like this? That’s it. Start with the thinnest layer and make sure your outermost item is the thickest, slightly longer than your previous item and flattering while at it.

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3. Choose One Colour Theme

Colours may contribute to a bulky overall look. Having one general colour theme, for example, wearing a dark blue cardigan with light blue jeans will do the trick without washing you out. If you feel it’ll make you look one-dimensional, read on ‘coz we have a fix for that too.

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4. Turtlenecks For The Win!

I personally have had a grudge against high-necks for the longest time because I feel they’re suffocating and ‘uncool.’ Boy, was I wrong! Turtlenecks keep you just a warm as a thick knitted sweater (minus the bulk!) Here are 7 ways to style a turtleneck this winter.

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5. A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have a thick fabric that not only keeps you warm but is also one of the easiest style tricks from the books of fashionistas. The thick fabric doesn’t emphasise your curves either. Throw it over a button-down cardigan.

6. An SOS Sleeveless Sweater

6 winter - Blue Self Design Sleeveless Pullover

Ease up on your layers with a handy sleeveless sweater. You’ll look high-fashion while being able to move your arms freely. Whether you feel too cold or suddenly overheated, a sleeveless sweater would be just perfect.

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7. Popping Accessories


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So where were we? Ah, yes! Worried that monotone dressing will make you look too basic or too bulky? Add a pop of colour with accessories. They’ll also pull the attention away from your layers. How about a bright lipstick or a chunky scarf, a statement belt (hello slimming effect) or cute knee-high socks?

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8. Printed Outerwears

8 winter - Single Button Crombie Coat

Mix your prints and patterns and top your monotone game with a printed blazer or a checkered coat. They won’t let you feel dull, and well, prints are always flattering. Vertical stripes will give you an added height and slimming effect. What bulky?

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Say bye to bulky days of winter and layer in style!