The 5 Workouts That Make Jacqueline Fernandez Fit, Fine & Flexible!

The 5 Workouts That Make Jacqueline Fernandez Fit, Fine & Flexible!

If I had to describe Jacqueline in so many words, I would say that she has unwavering focus, solid determination, and a tireless mind that is ready to work hard at anything it is dead set on. It is an absolute pleasure to have known and trained her. And that’s why it’s only natural for everyone out there to aspire to her level of discipline to even consider getting fit and toned. You see, it’s not about your losses and gains; but more about your muscle, strength and mindset.


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There’s a reason why Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the fittest female actors we have in the industry. When I had just started training her, I didn’t face any issues, like trying to teach her the basics, or struggle with getting her form right. The transition for her was effortless and that’s exactly what the audiences and her fans get to see. Jacqueline comes to the playground prepared for the worst; but working towards the best. And that same outlook and mindset is what makes her a force to reckon with. Sure, we did have to polish up a bit on the techniques of some complex movements, like handstands. But, even with the new movements that she had never tried before, Jacqueline learned them with ease and flexibility that came naturally to her.

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Even when we went to Turkey to shoot for Race 2, Jacqueline never skipped a session; no matter what time it was. She stayed consistent with training and her diet, which further added to her fitness and health.

So, if you’re wiring yourself to feel better and work on yourself, the results shall ever be in your favour; provided you dedicate your body, mind and soul to it.


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Before you begin, here’s a few things you should keep in mind:

- Start all your workouts by doing a 10-minute warm up session. Either on a rower or an airbike to mobilise the joints for exercise; especially the muscle groups which you want to be focusing on for that day.

- Every workout session should include some form of strength workouts, like back squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and bench presses. Couple that up with opposite muscle group movements - mainly free hand - as well as body weight exercises.

- Be open to learning something new, everyday. With Jacqueline, one day we would work on techniques for handstands in which she got really good. Then, the next day, we would do something like a clean-and-press - a shoulder exercise.  

- Your main workout should only commence, post this session. I would device a circuit of 3 to 5 different movements for Jacqueline, with a duration of 15-20 minutes in mind. Some of these workouts would have heavy lifting on some days, while on other days, we would involve a lot of cardio-based and core exercises.

The beauty of these workouts is that you never repeat the same routine twice. This keeps your body in what I like to call, a constant state of shock while working out; trying to prepare itself for every routine and staying flexible and open to newer sets. It gives you a new experience of training each time and, because the body doesn’t know what is coming, it pushes hard every time. That’s how it was with Jacqueline; she never adapted to any single routine and kept getting stronger and fitter with each session we did.  

- Your core and/or abs need to a part of every session of your workout if you want results that stick. With Jacqueline, we would alternate between upper and lower body and include some holds during every session.

- Your workouts should always end with some basic static stretching and breathing to cool your body down.

Here are the 5 quintessential workouts I used to train Jacqueline, that you can incorporate in your own workout session for good gains and stamina. Remember to begin each workout with 10 minutes of dynamic stretching, a warm-up that combines up to 3 cardio movements, like jogging, rowing, cycling, or skipping.

Workout One:

5 rounds
30 squats
30 mountain climbers
30 supine rows
30 leg raises
30 beach burpees

For Abs:

Do a 45 seconds’ workout of the exercises mentioned below, followed by a 15 seconds’ rest period. Repeat this circuit five times and give yourself a 1-minute time out after each round.

Toe touches
Hollow rocks
Hollow hold

Workout Two:

1.6k run
10 rounds
10 push-ups
15 lunges each leg
20 sit-ups
1.6k run after the 10 rounds

For Abs:

Do the following exercises for 30 seconds’ each; and then repeat the circuit five times, without taking breaks in between.

Plank hold
R-side hold
Hollow hold
L-side hold

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Workout Three:

Do as many rounds of these as possible within 20 minutes:

400m run
30 box steps (15 for each leg)
15 push-ups

For Abs:

Do five rounds each, of the following exercises.  

15 crunches
15 flutter kicks for each leg
15 side-to-side touch for each side (perform the lying-down touch with your knees bent; touch your right hand to the right foot and your left hand to the left foot by twisting side to side)
Rest only as much needed - work with your body’s intuition here.

Workout Four:

Do 10 rounds each of the following exercises.

100 skips
10 box jumps, or step-ups; you could even alternate
10 dumbbell push presses
10 kettlebells

For Abs:

Do the following workouts every 2 minutes for 30 minutes.

15 squats
10 push-ups
5 burpees
The faster you complete these, the more rest you get.


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Workout Five:

50 squats
50 jumping pull-ups
50 sit-ups
50 lunges
50 empty-bar push presses
50 leg raises
50 box step ups
50 wall push ups (go as parallel to the floor as possible)
50 cycle kicks
50 beach burpees

So, are you ready to stay fit like Jacqueline Fernandez? 

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Shivoham is one of India’s best functional fitness trainers with training boxes across Mumbai. He has worked with Aamir Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and many other Bollywood actors. The book has a well-balanced workout programme, with a combination of cardio, weight exercises and strength training. Shivoham is the trainer behind Aamir Khan’s musucular look in Dhoom 3, Sonakshi Sinha’s bodacious curves in Dabangg, and Jacqueline Fernandez’s lean physique. He shows you how to work out without any equipment or machines. He combines cardio, strength training and weight exercises in this programme for a full body workout. With his experience as a professional trainer, he also offers a whole new perspective on what it means to be fit and how to motivate yourself to start exercising now! 100 detailed workouts and an interactive section that will help you track your progress.
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