This Artist’s Cute Illustrations Will Tell You What Happy Marriages Are All About!

Apoorva Poonia

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So what really is the secret to a happy marriage? We've all often thought about this. And while the most obvious answers are loyalty and honesty, it is actually those little moments spent together, that truly matter. 

Meet Los Angeles-based artist Amanda Oleander who depicts short instances of a happy marriage, which is just so adorable! After working as the in-house illustrator for E! Entertainment, Amanda finally ventured the courage to broadcast her work on Periscope - a live streaming app, where she gained over half a million followers, all of whom absolutely love her art! She has been featured in several major publications, including Vanity Fair and Seventeen, and we can totally see why people are so touched by her illustrations.

Here are some illustrations by Amanda that will restore your faith in happy endings and let your heart fill up with a whole lotta love... Here you go!

1. Welcoming him home with a warm, passionate hug!

2. When you ruin your dish but he still calls it 'yummy'

3. When you and your hubby fight over shower temperature!

4. What your weekends are like!

5. When you are so adamant about getting that blackhead out!

6. When your dog decides to join you at the wrong moment!

7. When your hubby gets you a basket because he knows you are not buying just one thing!

8. When you let your inner kid come out when you're with your kids! 

9. When you know you are going to be there for each other!   

If this isn't happily ever after, what is?

Published on Jan 08, 2018
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