Dear BFFs, Here's How You Can Win At Twinning!

Dear BFFs, Here's How You Can Win At Twinning!

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.”
- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex And The City

Let’s admit it, Carrie was on to something. Your best friend is your partner in wine (and crime). She’s your shoulder to cry on, a proxy mom, approver of all your Tinder dates and also, your outfits… in short, the Blair to your Serena. Speaking of outfits, we’ve all thought about twinning with our besties, haven’t we? But the idea of dressing up exactly the same as another person (even if that person is someone you’re attached at the hip to) is a little too second-grade-fancy-dress. I get it, but being the most fashionable Siamese twins could hardly be a bad thing. Great thing about having a best friend? Even though you’re two different personalities, you have just the right amount in common. And that’s just the kind of twinning I’m talking about. Your looks don’t have to do a ditto, but they do have to have just the right number of elements in common. Here’s how you win at twinning, girls:

1. Colour It In

Here’s something cool to do while you’re swapping scandalous screenshots with your girl at 2 in the morning - ask her what colour scheme she’s rocking for your next lunch date. If she’s wearing a lavender jumper with olive green slacks, choose something in a similar colour combination for what you’re wearing. Maybe, a printed lilac tee with a dark green suede skirt. Two completely different outfits but twinning at its best!
POPxo recommends: SHEIN Flower Print Tie Front Slub Tee (Rs. 704), Single Breasted Front A Line Skirt (Rs. 640), Chunky Hoop earrings (Rs. 399) and Ankle Boots (Rs. 2,699) for Bestie A. While, Bestie B can pick Ribbed Turtleneck Jumper (Rs. 2,299), Wide Trousers (Rs. 2,299), Green Circle Colorful Resin Party Big Hanging Earrings For Women (Rs. 320) and Pointed Toe High Vamp PU Flats (Rs. 1,408)

Similar colours 1

2. Make A Statement

When it comes to the art of twinning, there’s more to it than just colour combinations. Statement elements in an outfit are a great way to synchronise outfits between the two of you - ruffles, rivets, slogans, bell sleeves et al. It’s the first thing people notice about your look. Subtle yet smart, isn’t it? If you throw in colours in the same shade card, even better. Here, for instance, the ruffle element is common between these elegant ensembles. Perfect to plan with your office BFF!

POPxo recommends: NEXT Women Pink Printed Top (Rs. 1,943), CATWALK88 Stretched Flared Pants (Rs. 1,999) and 20Dresses Women Pink Solid Sandals (Rs. 1,137) for Bestie A. While, Bestie B can pick Next Women Multicoloured Checked Peplum Top (Rs. 2,630), KOOVS Ponte Pencil Skirt (Rs. 799) and DressBerry Women Black & Off-White Woven Design Heels (Rs. 1,159).

similar statement elements

3. Take A Print

The twin effect is so strong in this one! Prints and patterns are one trick BFFs must have up their sleeves to slay it, arm in arm. Whether it’s polka dots, floral print or a geometric pattern like stripes, it’s a fun way to mix it up. And you know what they say, ‘Girls just wanna have fun!’  Remember, the print doesn’t have to be the same, it just has to be similar. If you’re going for stripes, for example, let your bestie wear vertical, while you work horizontal or diagonal. And if you’re more of a floral pair like me and my BFF… Don’t these printed dresses work perfectly for a weekly sundowner?

POPxo recommends: Floral Satin Dress (Rs. 1,299), Faux Suede Sandals (Rs. 2,199), Bamboo-Inspired Hoop Earrings (Rs. 399) and Faux Leather Crossbody Bag (Rs. 1,699) for Bestie A. While, Bestie B can pick KOOVS Balloon Sleeves Shift Dress (Rs. 999), Fur Jaden Sling Bag (Rs. 1,199), Eristona Star Earrings (Rs. 175) and Misfit Panda Dream Girl Embroidered Loafers (Rs. 1,999).

similar prints

4. Double The Vibe

In the end, it’s all about the vibe, isn’t it? Spent all day ranting to your BFF about how adulting sucks? Correct me if I’m wrong, but dressing down (but to the nines) with you is just the kind of support you need from her. That’s how I feel today, hence, the two casual-chic looks you see here… but this applies to all kinds of moods. Be it when you just feel like blinging it up for no reason or dressing up like the Mean Girls cast; it’s the perfect opportunity to twin it up.

POPxo Recommends: Cactus Print Hooded Crop Sweatshirt (Rs. 569), FIG Moss Satin Jogger Pants (Rs. 405) and Rose Embroidery PU Backpack (Rs. 959) for Bestie A. While, the Bestie B can pick Varsity Striped Floral Sweatshirt (Rs. 703), AJIO Jogger Pants with Cargo Pockets (Rs. 1,349) and Cartoon Print Zipper Front Backpack (Rs. 742).

similar vibes

And if you don’t have enough pieces in your closet to succeed at the art of twinning, drive up to your best girl’s house, honk and go “Get in loser, we’re going shopping!”