Easy & Clever Ways To Get Rid Of Lint From Your Clothes!

Easy & Clever Ways To Get Rid Of Lint From Your Clothes!

Is it just me or the marital vows are eerily similar to how women feel about clothes? In sickness and in health... I will always love my yellow fitted cardigan. Just like relationships, our yearning to hold on to our favourite clothes for a long, long time can be tricky business. Especially when they go through so much, especially when it comes to dealing with the pesky lint that gets collected on our solid cotton and sturdy wools.

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Lint is the accumulation of stray fabric on the clothes, caused by washing or exposure. They are starkly visible and make our outfits look old and worn out. Fortunately, there are a few easy hacks that can freshen up your lint-ridden winter wears. Read on to pick your most convenient option!

1. Use A Lint Remover Tool

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A lint roller is made of adhesive material that removes lint effectively. If you feel a manual remover is a lot of time and effort to commit to, there are a few electrical lint remover options available as well!

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2. Use Fabric Softener On Lint-Prone Clothes

Fabric softeners are excellent at reducing static on your clothes which will in turn help to reduce the accumulation of lint on the garments. Cotton, linen, and woollen fabrics are more prone to collecting lint, so add a little fabric softener to these washes to nip the problem in the bud.

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3. Scrape Off With A Razor

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This is one of the easiest hacks you can try if you can’t find a lint remover. Razors are super effective in removing pilling from clothes: Just lay the garment on a flat surface and pull it taut to scrape off the lint or any stray threads. Just be careful at the seams, buttons and stitching because the razor blades can easily cut the fabric.

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4. Work A Dish Washing Sponge

This one is not for the lightweights! Dishwashing sponges or scouring pads are a great way of getting rid of very stubborn lint or pills. Slightly wet the sponge and scrape off against any lint collection you see on your clothes. Do not use this trick for delicate fabrics; save it for your sturdy wools.

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5. Sweep With A Pumice Stone

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Just lightly run the pumice stone along the outside of your shirts, jackets, sweaters, or even pants to quickly restore the surface to its former smooth glory. It takes a few minutes to get it done and it’s so worth it.

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6. Add Vinegar To Your Wash

Another at-home hack to avoid lint sticking to clothes is to wash them with white, distilled vinegar (just add 1/2 a cup during the last rinse cycle). This hack is also useful if you need to deodorise your outfits. Don’t worry about the vinegar leaving a smell since it dissipates into the air while the clothes are let out to dry.

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7. Use A Regular Cello Tape

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Wind a cello tape around your finger, the sticky side facing outward, and pat on the lint ridden areas on your clothes to remove them. Be careful to light dab as sticking it too close to the fabric might degrade its quality.

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