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Ultimate Guide: How To Lose Belly Fat And Get A Flat Tummy At Home

Ultimate Guide: How To Lose Belly Fat And Get A Flat Tummy At Home

It's not so difficult to read women. All we want is love, care, a flat tummy and those drool-worthy abs. Yes, it is very important to love yourself the way you are, but there really is no harm in working a little harder for a toned core. After all, it goes a long way in helping you feel invincible and look great.

Having said that, we all know that losing weight around your belly is the hardest. Not only is it painful to get rid of, apparently, belly fat (also called visceral fat) is harmful to your health as well. This type of fat increases the production of stress hormones like cortisol and inflammatory substances called cytokines. These increase the body's production of insulin leading to a higher risk of type-2 diabetes and heart diseases. To prevent these diseases should be your motivation to shed this fat, if not the aesthetics.

Want to nip the problem in the bud? Follow this ultimate guide that includes food recommendations and simple exercises to lose belly fat and live a healthier life.


1. Posture Perfect

While this may have never crossed your mind, slouching and bad posture actually leads to accumulation of weight around the tummy. So standing up and sitting down straight is really helpful in reducing that belly fat.

2. Eat Smaller Portions

Another tip that most people swear by is eating smaller portions. Don't worry, you don't need to go hungry. Instead of three full meals, you can have six smaller meals every 3-4 hours. This will increase your metabolism and your body will be able to process food faster!

2 flat tummy

3. Food That Matters

There are certain types of foods that help you lose weight and certain that promote weight gain. Here are all the things you should keep in mind about your diet:

The Magic Liquid...

... Water! It does wonders and how! You need to have at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Not only will it give you amazing skin, it'll boost your weight loss plan.

Avoid Trans Fat

Trans Fats have been linked to heart disease, insulin resistance and abdominal fat gain. Therefore, it is important to avoid foods that contain trans fats; your enemies are spreads and packaged foods. To know if something contains trans fats, look for the words 'partially hydrogenated fats' on the label of the product.

Fresh Foods FTW!

Your mom has said it enough and it's time to take note. Fresh leafy vegetables and fruits are an amazing addition to your diet that will help you lose belly fat and maintain your body. Foods like yogurt, cucumber, avocado, and watermelon are amazing. They help beat water retention and have you feeling fit all day.

Consume Less Salt And Sugar

Excessive salt and sugar are both bad for your health and beating that flab. While excessive salt can cause fluid retention and bloating, excessive sugar has been, in studies, linked to abdominal fat increase. So be mindful of what you eat!

Reduce Refined Carbs

All you need to do is replace refined carbs (like white bread and white rice) with unprocessed carbs (like brown rice and oatmeal) and you'll see an instant increase in your metabolism and reduction in that pesky fat.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Studies have proven that excessive alcohol intake is linked to increased risk of central obesity i.e. fat around the tummy and waist. While we're not advocating that you give it up (*rolls eyes*), we're saying you might consider reducing it a little, maybe just a smidge!


4. You Need Your Beauty Sleep

We don't really need to convince you of the benefits of sleeping since it is all our favourite pastime, but it does really help with losing that annoying belly fat. How, you ask? A study showed that people who don't get enough sleep tend to put on weight faster. 

4 flat tummy

5. Exercises That Help

The best way, undoubtedly, to lose weight is by working out. From cardio to targeted exercises, everything helps in losing the extra fat, especially around the belly. So here are some of the best exercises to lose belly fat.

All Types Of Cardio

While cardio may not be targeted towards the belly fat, it does get your heart rate going, increases your metabolism and releases the feel-good hormones that will improve your overall health! Skipping, jumping jacks, a little running are all amazing forms of cardio.


All types of crunches build endurance and power of the muscles in and around your belly. But crunches need to be supplemented with cardio for maximum fat loss! 


Planks are amazing not just for the belly fat but for your overall posture as well! Plus, planks burn more calories than crunches because they work more muscles!

HIIT Workouts

High-Intensity Interval Training is a varied, intense workouts for short intervals that leave you totally spent. The best thing about this kind of workout is that you'll be burning fat long after you've stopped working out!

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Published on Jan 26, 2018
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