9 Easy Ways To Amp Up Your Instagram Game

9 Easy Ways To Amp Up Your Instagram Game

 If you're a blogger, an influencer or just want to make your presence felt on Instagram, it's absolutely necessary that your feed stands out and is memorable. It's the recall value of your feed that'll have people come back again and again. And if you are like everyone else, nobody is really going to remember what your account or page is about. So here we are, always ready to help, with some simple tips to make your Instagram account absolutely unforgettable!

1. Pick A Theme

The first thing you want to do is decide the theme you want. It is the vibe, the soul of your feed and before anything else that should be your focus. Do you want it to be minimalistic or do you wanna go all out and be bold? 

2. Look Before You Click

Your eye is the best camera, better than any artificial one. Instead of immediately snapping away immediately, take a moment to look around and really take in the whole picture. Looking at your subject for a few seconds before you capture it will give you a better idea of the best angles and lighting.

3. Choose A Filter 

3 instagram feed

The most important thing about your instafeed is that it needs to be cohesive. So if you're a blogger and you're going to be the subject of most of your pictures, it's better to select one, or at the most 3, filters you stick with. This will help your feed look more put together.

4. Color Coordinate

Another thing is to have some base colours in mind when you're planning your feed. What are the colours you wear the most? A feed that has no colour scheme to it will not tie everything together to tell a story.

5. Natural Lighting

A poorly-lit picture cannot be saved, even with all the editing and the apps. Photos clicked in natural light are always preferred since they have a higher quality and are more detailed. Plus, these photos look better with filters as well. The best time to take such photos is early morning or late afternoon! 


6. White Spaces

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Having white spaces in your photos is always beneficial. Not only will it add a little elegance to your pictures, it'll also help draw the eye to the main subject and not be distracted by the surroundings. Shooting in front of a white wall or if you're shooting objects then you can center it around a white object.

7. Have A Clear Point Of Interest

Instead of cluttered pictures that have too much going on without a point of focus, have a clear point of interest. Choose what you want as the main object and click it in a way that it becomes the center of attention. If you're the main subject, make sure you're not standing in the front of a bright wall that will distract from your outfit or if you want to capture the background, stand in a corner so that people are naturally drawn to the background

8. Play With Angles

Instead of clicking everything from a single angle, experiment with angles - all of them. The front angle isn't the best for all pictures. So experiment and find out what works for what kind of picture!

9. Just Be You

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In the end, the thing that matters is being yourself. Even though these tips might help but the thing that will really help your account be memorable is if you're just you - unique and beautiful. If your personality reflects through your account, people will naturally connect with you. Nobody follows somebody they don't connect with.

Images: Pexels