How The Way You Have Sex Changes As You Grow Older

How The Way You Have Sex Changes As You Grow Older

We all know that "change is the only constant in life". I know I'm stating the obvious here but it's time we welcomed these changes because there are a lot of things that really do get better with time! Our perspectives change and we, obviously, become wiser as we grow older. But our also body experiences a lot of changes over time. And because of that our sex lives are also bound to undergo a few changes as we grow older, right? So, here are a few ways sex transforms over time. Some of these changes are pleasant, some funny and some oh-so-satisfying!

1. Sex gets better as you grow old

Of course, it does. With age comes experience, sexual and otherwise. As you grow older, you, probably, have your moves perfected and sex game on point. Hence, you know what to do to please your partner and how. It's not all about them though. You know exactly what works for you as well. And if I have my math right, wine and sex just get better with age. 

1 things that change during sex as you grow old

2. It's more comfortable

Remember the first time you had sex? It was probably one of the most uncomfortable feelings you've ever had. Now think about the last time you had sex. You were more confident, happy and definitely twice as comfortable. This is what being at it for so long does to you.

3. You don't overthink it

Admit it guys, you always overthink sex the first few times but, after a point, it really isn't a big deal. Maybe we get a little used to it or we come to terms with our needs. It also may just be the fact that we realise that being in the moment and enjoying things as they come is actually the most important. 

3 things that change during sex as you grow older

4. You experiment a lot in bed

Contrary to what we all believe, you really don't experiment a lot with sex in the beginning. But as you older, you are open to a lot more experiments and trying out different things. From role play to BDSM, you get the courage to try new things once you have a mastered the usual. 

5. You are more open to discussing sex

Initially, you are shy to talk about anything sexual with your partner but after a few years, you feel comfortable talking about it. When you're young and naive, you just don't know if what you say will make sense but after a few, umm, experiences, you feel confident to have discussions.

5 things that change durng sex as you grow old

6. Quickies become a regular ritual

At first, you may not have a lot of quickies but once you get used to the whole thing, you are bound to have a lot of them! You will probably see yourself sneaking out of parties to get down and dirty, you know? *wink*

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