16 Seemingly Harmless Things We Should STOP Saying Right Now!

16 Seemingly Harmless Things We Should STOP Saying Right Now!

I cringe sometimes when I hear people around me say things that shouldn’t be said. EVER. These statements seem harmless enough and come up in everyday conversations, but put into perspective, they are toxic to the society and speak of deep-rooted social issues.

So, once and for all, here's a list of all the shit people say and, well, let’s just stop saying these. Please.

Koi Ladki Hogi

1 Woman drivers

This, pointing at a slow-moving car. The funny thing is I’ve heard this from men AND women! Here’s the truth though: Penis doesn’t equal skills behind the wheels.

Boys Will Be Boys

2 Boys Will Be Boys

A statement of entitlement that lets boys and men walk away with bad behaviour without any consequences. Nope, not cool at all. It's one of the most sexist things to say. Set them straight and don’t let them think they are judged on a different moral code because of their sex.

You’re Really Good For A Girl

3 You're Good

Just say, ‘You’re Really Good.’ You add those two words and the statement becomes sexist.

Be A Man/Don’t Be A Pussy

4 Man Up

Manliness has a very specific definition (muscular, brooding, cocky) and those who don’t abide by the rules, are asked to MAN UP! It’s time to realise that men are emotional, sensitive, and kind, too, and the lesson that we teach little boys that they need to be macho (boys don’t cry) can damage their self-worth. It’s doesn’t make a guy any less of a man if he shows emotions and it doesn’t make him a man if he throws his weight around. It might sound like one of those harmless things we say; but, it does more harm than you choose to believe. 

She Must Be PMSing

5 Sexist

SEXIST! She’s not on her period; she is pissed off about how misogynistic you are.

Will You Work After Marriage?

6 Work after marriage

Ever asked this to a guy? It’s a given that he will continue working because he’s the breadwinner and I’m just working to pass time. God forbid if I’m actually ambitious! Oh, the horror!

Smile More

9 Smile more

No, thank you. I’ll smile when I have a reason to, not on demand. That expressionless face is #bitchface and I come across as too bossy? Then go ahead and fear me :)

This Is The Right Age To Get Married/Have Kids

8 Biological Clock

“You’re getting old. Your biological clock is ticking. You won’t find anyone later.” 

You Don’t Look Like A *Insert Profession*

9 Looks dont matter

Stop obsessing over how people look and don't judge them based on your ill-formed impressions.

Marry A Rich Man

10 Not getting married

Explanation: Then you won’t have to work. Or you’re too high maintenance and nothing short of a millionaire would work for you. Answer: I can make my own money, thank you very much.

You’re Too Pretty To…

11 You're Too Pretty

Do you hear the misogyny in this, or is it just me? These words are a no-no, too! 

How Much Do You Make?

12 Show me the money

Men and women, you don’t have to answer that. Your worth isn’t determined by the paycheck you’re getting.

That’s Such A Blonde Thing

13 Don't judge

Time to learn that stereotyping is disrespectful and hurtful.

Have You Lost/Put On Weight?

14 You look fat

And how does this matter to you exactly? This is one of those seemingly harmless things that even women shouldn't say to each other.

That’s So Gay

15 Homophobia

HOMOPHOBIA alert! Yes, your homophobia can be smelled from miles away. And we don't want to come close to you. 

Tumhare ghar mein maa behen nahi hain?

16 Respect women

What does it even mean? That it’s okay for him to molest a girl if he doesn’t have ‘female influence’ at home? Or should he go and take permission from them first? And the whole, ‘She’s someone’s daughter/sister/wife’ sentiment gets to me, too. You should respect me because I’m an individual, a human being, not because of the fact that I am related to a MAN.

I can go on and on and on… you get the drift, right? So, the next time you hear someone saying one of these seemingly harmless things, educate them on how it’s hurtful to both men and women. It may get you some raised eyebrows, but what the hell!

And tell us in the comments the seemingly harmless things you wish people would stop saying already.


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