‘Your Guide To Living Life’ - According To Rachel Green

‘Your Guide To Living Life’ - According To Rachel Green

I don’t know about everyone but I cannot really go long without making a reference from the TV show Friends. I am not a very TV show person but this is one thing I never miss because me, along with every other twenty-something relates to this show the most. Speaking of this feeling, there is one character who has given us some real-time life goals. From being a brat to a responsible independent woman, she has handled everything that life threw at her. Yes! It’s Rachel Green. Here are the times she made us feel like grabbing life and make it our b*tch!

1. When she decided to let go of her dad’s money


2. And stepped into the ‘real world’ by destroying her dad’s credit cards...


3. She picked up a job and didn’t care what it was


4. But decided to act normal when she found about Ross having a girlfriend because friendship.


5. And found solace with her girlfriends because she believed in friendship. Real friendship!


6. When something as little as solving the crossword puzzle made her happy!


7. She got a job because of her own capabilities and patiently waited for it


8. And she demonstrated why is she the real boss!


9. And raised a beautiful daughter and was never scared of being a single mother


10. She made us feel that even being a mess can be beautiful


11. And then she ‘got off the plane’ making us believe in the real meaning of love!


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