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9 Foods That Will Help You Have A Healthier Vagina. Really!

9 Foods That Will Help You Have A Healthier Vagina. Really!

We, women, take the utmost care of everything in our lives including our health and fitness. We make sure that we eat right, we exercise and we practice living a life of balance. But somehow, we still manage to forget to make a conscious effort to maintain our vaginal health. Maybe we don't realise its importance. The truth is that vaginal health is, in fact, extremely important. And did you know that simple, everyday things like eating the right food can go a long way in ensuring that your vagina is healthy! So, don't wait for some UTI to present itself before you start making conscious food choices and show some TLC to your vagina. After all, love (and the right food) solves most problems including this one.

1. Feeling berry cranberry

It's common knowledge that having some cranberry juice helps fight bad bacteria and also prevents urinary tract infections. Who knew the juice of this sweet sweet fruit is so good for our vaginas too? We’d suggest you stick to the natural juice with no artificial sugar.

2. Sweet potato is the way to go

Sweet potato is the magic food that keeps the uterine walls healthy and stimulates hormone production to keep us energetic and active all day long. Need more reasons?

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3. Fifty shades of dark chocolate

Bursting with anti-oxidants, just having a teeny weeny square of dark chocolate a day is a great way to ensure the overall vaginal health and heightened sexual desire.
P.S. The magnesium content fuels your blood with dopamine (happy hormones) too!

4. A garlic a day

Antimicrobial and antifungal in nature, it is said that garlic, particularly when eaten raw helps the vagina fight yeast infections. Besides, it boosts the overall immune system as well.

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5. Make soy your friend!

The wonder food to keep your vagina lubricated is soy. In fact, consuming soy also promotes the right pH levels and helps fight premenstrual and menopausal pain. A win-win, isn’t it? Experiment with natural forms like edamame, tofu, and miso but try to avoid processed forms.

6. Spice it up

Did you know that consuming hot chillies is a great way to improve blood circulation, stimulate nerve endings and keep your vagina happy and healthy? Well, now you do!

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7. Yogurt 

Pumping your body with pro-biotics like yoghurt produces healthy bacteria in the gut and vagina, which is essential for keeping good vaginal health.

8. Water, water everywhere!

While we cannot emphasise on the importance of drinking plenty of water everyday, maybe knowing that drinking water will do amazing things for your vagina as well will help you increase your intake!

9. Some trusty Salmon!

The benefits of this fish do not seem to end! While we've been talking about all that Omega-3, another thing to note is that it contains anti-inflammatory compounds which reduce menstrual pain and the risk of endometriosis in women.