Your Zodiac Style As Decoded By Bollywood Beauties!

Your Zodiac Style As Decoded By Bollywood Beauties!

Have you ever wondered if people who belong to a specific zodiac sign dress up in a similar fashion? Maybe! Maybe not! But we do believe that they have a few traits in common. We did a little digging in and came out with 12 B-Town divas for you to see which one matches with your Zodiac style statement and colour choices. Have a look at them and see where you fall. 

1. Aries - Kangana Ranaut


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The dynamic Ram is always brimming with energy. Your confident persona is usually exhibited in your sense of styling. Your love for bold colours like red, black and white always make you the centre of attraction at every social gathering. Being the ruler of the head, Aries is in love with hair accessories, as they are a few amongst the lot that can actually pull it off well.

2. Taurus - Anushka Sharma


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The patient and the hardworking bull shares a love for all simple and earthy colours. You generally go for colours like ivory and rich-browns and are the most comfortable in khaki clothes. You would prefer luxury over trend, so a Taurian would be up for buying luxurious fabrics over quirky clothes. 

3. Gemini - Sonam Kapoor


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The twin loves to talk, and not just from their mouth, but from the clothes. You are extremely expressive with the way you style your clothes. You love mixing colours for every mood as you tend to get bored of one. You are experimental with fashion. People tend to get surprised by seeing you dressed up all sleek one day and all boho with splashy jewellery the next day. 

4. Cancer - Priyanka Chopra


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Deeply intuitive and emotional crab is in love with all things vintage and classy. You have a knack for dressing up all feminine and like to change styles for a story to flow through your clothes. You are in love with pastel colours and wear a lot of whites and silvers. The creative and compassionate Cancerian changes style according to their everchanging mood.

5. Leo - Jacqueline Fernandez


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The bold and royal lion loves to be in the limelight. You are in love with bold colours and patterns that make you the centre of attraction at every party. Your closet is full of gold, yellows, oranges and red. You are also a hoarder of sequinned clothes and animal prints that suit your fierce personality. 

6. Virgo - Kareena Kapoor Khan

The maiden in her feminine self is the perfect example of how to look classic with minimal accessories. Your practical nature makes you want to buy clothes that have a practical use. Virgos love to dress up simple in neutral colours such as pearl white, light grey and beige. You also don't mind spending a fortune on expensive shoes, as it's the only thing you love investing your money in.

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 7. Libra - Nargis Fakri


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The balanced Libran loves to create symmetry with their look. When you love one garment or trend, you tend to buy the same thing again and again in different colours. You avoid wearing bold, aggressive patterns and go for florals instead. Your closet is full of ivory and all colours of the sky. Your cupboard is full of clothes that you might not have worn even once. 

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8. Scorpio - Aditi Rao Hydari

Blessed by skills of passion, Scorpios are the sharpest amongst all zodiac signs. You like to live life on the edge, so does your clothes. Your love for dark colours like black, deep red and plum gives the right amount of sex appeal to your outfit. This, in turn, grabs a lot of attention as you create a mysterious vibe around the way you express yourself through your clothes. 

9. Sagittarius - Yami Gautam


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The archers are easy-breezy when it comes to their style. You are always on a lookout for different trends. You love experimenting with your looks but tend to play safely in that. The strongly opinionated Sagittarians dress up to make a style statement without looking too OTT!

10. Capricorn - Deepika Padukone


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A Capricorn's elegance is her most prized possession. Your love for silhouettes cannot be hidden. You tend to stick to neutrals such as blacks, dark-browns and dark-greys and generally keep your look sleek and stylish. Your make heads turn when you enter a room full of people.

11. Aquarius - Amy Jackson


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Aquarians tend to dress up all girly and fun all the time. You are talkative, quirky and independent who is in love with all shades of pinks and purples. You tend to pick bright colours for yourself and find a hard time finding crazy clothes to match your level of craziness. 

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12. Pisces - Alia Bhatt


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Pisceans are said to be the most sorted zodiac sign of all. Just like the fish, you are in love with aquatic colours that shows in your closet. Yor are romantic and imaginative who is in love with long flowy delicates. Your artsy side makes you a big collector of shoes, especially heels, for every outfit and every mood. 

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