Candid Confessions From Fashion Models That Will SURPRISE You!

Candid Confessions From Fashion Models That Will SURPRISE You!

Professional modelling is one of the most glamorous career paths a person can undertake. From glam photoshoots at exotic locations to walking the ramp in the season’s top designs, this is one fashion job profile that comes with innumerable perks. But looking past this well-paid gig and all of its glory, a fashion model is just like any other working professional on the planet. This platter also comes with its side of job pressures and stresses, with a pinch of the occasional drama that gives it its flavour.

How do we know all this? Courtesy of the anonymous confessions app Whisper, we were able to take a deep dive into what some fashion models actually have to deal with in the profession. This app, as a whole, let’s you make anonymous confessions about whatever you wish to put out into the world, without the follow-up consequences. It houses a collection of topics, relationships, pop culture, social issues and much else. Bit on the agenda for today, we have some surprising honest confessions from models that might surprise you!

1. About Life On the Go

whisper 1

Let’s hope you are a fan of living out of your suitcase if you wish to pursue this field!

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2. About Growing Up With Insecurities

whisper 2

Puberty can be difficult, more so if you do not have the love and support of your loved ones. Guess one lucky soul managed to succeed even without it!

3. About Meeting New People

whisper 3

A fine example of the fact that people will often judge your self-worth based on what you do. Oh, how we wish people would filter their thoughts before blurting it out!

4. About Making Assumptions

whisper 4

Even though it is an established fact that the high fashion looks rely a lot on makeup and photoshop, people still get disillusioned about the real picture. Isn’t that a drag?

5. About Dating Woes

whisper 5

Dating isn’t easy, period. And with the growth of social media and everybody looking up everyone else before the first date, it gets more twisted. Turned out, fashion models don’t have it any different from the others.  

6. About Dealing With Rejection

whisper 6

Dealing with rejection can be difficult, but if you thought that there is no harm and foul in the fashion world towards pretty ladies, you might be wrong!

7. About Work Pressures

whisper 7

Professional modelling is not just about putting on expensive makeup and looking hot for the camera, this post from an anonymous user proves just that.

8. On Being A Plus Size Model

whisper 8

There goes your plan to become a plus-size model just because you gained a few extra weights over the holidays (*wink*).

9. About “Constructive” Criticism

whisper 9

Every job has its pros and cons. Just because the pros get more representation on modern social media than the cons, doesn't mean it's non-existent.

Images: Whisper App