Everything You Need To Know About Having Drones At Your Wedding!

Everything You Need To Know About Having Drones At Your Wedding!

There is no doubt that photographs taken using a drone are beautiful. The way it captures aerial views of the wedding functions is breathtaking. But there is a catch, drones not only come at an additional cost but also have a set of rules and regulations that one needs to follow when opting for them. Here are few pointers you definitely need to keep in mind for picture perfect photographs at your wedding.

1. Documentation required

Since there has been a lot of controversies around the use of drones in India, a Unique Identification Number (UID) and an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit would be required to operate a drone. You would also need prior permits from the Air Navigation Service (ANS) to be able to purchase it in India.

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2. No fly zones

The government has strictly laid down rules that areas 50 kilometres away from the International borders are “no-drone zones” and one has to adhere to it strictly to avoid any hassles later.

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3. They make noise

Drones make a lot of noise. They are not silent creatures. The propellers and engines present in the machine make noise and sound which can be disturbing and also get irritating. Therefore, the selection of the area is important. It is also advisable to get prior permission from the authority over this.

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4. Weight of the drone

Check with your photographer about the weight of the drone. The lightest category of drones called the “Nano” which weighs approx. 250 grams and flies not more than 50 feet, needs only a one time registration. But if his drone weighs more than 2 kilograms, it needs to get a security clearance each time the photographer operates it. He as the operator also needs a permit from the government.

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5. Weather has a role too

Drones are electronic devices and thus cannot be used during strong winds and heavy rains. On the other hand, they fly better in cold weather because the denser the air, the more lift they can get, making them more efficient while flying.

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6. Check with your venue

Before finalizing with your photographer, check with your venue whether they would allow drones to fly in the area. Many venues refuse because of government permissions while others do because of the environmental conditions that might cause discrepancies while flying.

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7. No sound

Apart from the noise it makes on its own, a drone does not capture and record any audio. Thus, if you plan to get your dance videos recorded using a drone, remember that it would only record the dance and not the sound/music.

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8. Extra charges

Drone photography is never a part of your photographer’s package and comes at an additional cost. Remember to discuss with your photographer if you are keen on them getting them. Usually, a single drone costs approx. Rs 10,000-15,000 per day.

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9. Trained Operator

The last thing you want on your wedding is a drone falling on anyone’s head during the wedding functions! Thus, you need a trained and a professional person who knows how to fly it efficiently and responsibly.

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10. Sweeping aerial shots

Remember that a drone is for your wedding photographs to look more aesthetic. It would not capture close up shots of you during your wedding functions. Drones have the power to elevate your normal, once in a lifetime moment to a memory which you would reminisce forever.

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