From Sanskaari Tauji To Over Enthu Maami - 10 Types Of Rishtedaars At A Desi Wedding!

From Sanskaari Tauji To Over Enthu Maami - 10 Types Of Rishtedaars At A Desi Wedding!

Indian weddings are such a large, joyous, and sometimes predictable affair. Every wedding, we reckon, has certain ‘characters’ better known as our rishtedaars that make the whole shaadi experience what it is. Look closely, and you’ll spot one of these at every desi wedding! Here are some that we have noticed...

1. Way-too-glam aunty ji!

This aunty has got out her backless blouse and red lips even for the simplest ceremony. She knows all eyes are on her and revels in the glory completely!1 rishtedaar

2. Perpetually drunk uncle

What time is it, you say? 11 AM? Yup, he’s drunk alright! It could be from the cocktail party last night or perhaps he had his own special kind of breakfast treat, but this uncle reeks of alcohol throughout the wedding (and life – but hey, we’re not here to judge!)

3. NRI cousin bhaiya

Thick accent and a million people doting over him – yup, sounds about right! The aunties are eyeing him for his potential matrimonial qualities and the youngsters are eying him because he’s fancy AF. And did we already mention that accent?

3 rishtedaar

4. Cribby didi

That one dominating sister (of someone – doesn’t even matter) who thinks she’s the resident shaadi police. Let us guess! The soup isn’t warm enough for her, and the DJ didn’t play her song, and the camera guy simply offended her by doing his job. Yup, cribby didi is real guys. We all know that one cribby didi at every shaadi!

5. Kaafi sanskaari tauji

Being an elder of the family, it is his sole job to make sure we haven’t forgotten our sanskaars. Every last tradition must be followed and honoured under his watchful eye and dare anyone disobey or you’ll have to face his wrath. (You DON’T want to face his wrath!)

5 rishtedaar

6. Proxy bride!

No, we aren’t talking about the bride herself, but her cousin sister who has appointed herself the most important person at this wedding. She’s running around, checking on things and looking panicked as if the whole wedding will fall apart if she doesn’t aimlessly sashay around in her lehenga at all functions.

7. (Rotten) Apple of everyone’s eye!

Every wedding has that one ghar ka chiraag or that spoilt brat child who is being fussed over all the time. He’s the one making the most noise, and let’s be real, *everyone* thinks he’s annoying! Yet there he is, stuffing his face with food and generally ruining pictures he shouldn’t be in. Ah, weddings!

7 rishtedaar

8. Over enthu maami

That one aunty who is talking the loudest and insisting everyone should dance? Yup, that’s her!  She thinks she is the life of the party and while that is cute, she sure doesn’t know where to stop. Not every ritual has to be over the top and Sooraj Barjatya infused, no?

9. Professional dancer?

She missed the cut on India’s Got Talent and now this cousin of the bride cannot stop showing off her dancing skills at this wedding. That girl who thinks all eyes are on her when she’s on the dance floor? Yup, we are talking about her. PS: Perhaps all eyes are really on her but it could be because she’s so damn extra!

9 rishtedaar

10. Flirty munda

The flirty munda is an eligible bachelor who has his way with the ladies! Channeling SRK from DDLJ, he’s helping around in his casual kurta and just talking to everyone with such ease and charm. Even though we can see right through the whole adorable boy act, you can’t help but agree that every wedding should have (at least) one cute boy who makes the dressing up worth it!

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