11 Things You'll Get If You're Dating Your High School Sweetheart

11 Things You'll Get If You're Dating Your High School Sweetheart

Ever heard someone say - ‘change is the only constant’? All the people out there dating their high school sweethearts will shake their heads in disagreement right now because they know it’s not true. While a million things will change in your life, there are some things that are amazing just because they never change. Love is a funny game and you might still be looking for it (in which case, don’t give up girl!) but for all the cuties who’re still in love with that boy they met in 10th grade, here are the things you’re definitely going to relate to!

1. They were there through it all

The first time you failed a subject, your graduation and your first paycheck. They have held your hand through the whole show! Which is why they will always have your back.

1 dating your high school sweetheart

2. You have no idea what it is like to sleep with someone else

When people talk about the best kiss they’ve ever had, you’re clueless. Your S/O is probably the only person you have ever kissed. But isn’t that the coolest part?

3. You have seen each other at your ugliest

Remember those teenage days with a unibrow? Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about.

4. You have no idea what dating apps feel like

You have a permanent date and don’t really know what it is to actually go out with someone you don’t know.

5. You don’t have to ‘plan’ your dates

You’re okay with a movie night in the jammies or even chilling with a bottle of wine on the terrace. Anything as long as you’re with your partner!

5 dating your high school sweetheart

6. You have a second family since forever

Your parents know them, their parents know you. There was never anything to hide, really.

7. Your parents are not worried about your future

At least when it comes to romance. They know you have that sorted for you.

8. You actually complete each other’s sentences

Because you know each other that well now!

9. You have your wedding planned for years

You’ve always known how your fairytale ends, you’re the lucky few!

9 dating your high school sweetheart

10. You don’t have to dress up every time you meet each other

Because they know your best and your worst!

11. You don’t even take fights seriously anymore. You know you’re going to laugh it off anyway!

Because after all, no matter what happens...they’re the one. Your biggest fan, always!

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