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7 Ways In Which Crying Actually Makes You Stronger Than You Think You Are

7 Ways In Which Crying Actually Makes You Stronger Than You Think You Are

We’re made to believe that crying is for the weak. It’s for those who can’t handle themselves and naturally, the waterfalls from your eyes are seen as an extreme emotion! But all of this is actually untrue. It is a sound coping mechanism, a stress buster and contrary to popular belief, it makes you stronger. Here are 7 signs that show crying makes you stronger and also happier, from the inside. The next time someone tells you that you’re weak, show them this article!

1. You don’t hide your emotions

You don’t find the need to hide your emotions because you can’t cry. You feel like bursting into tears which clearly portrays what you’re feeling. Happy tears, or sad ones; let them flow.


2. You don’t care what others think

Just because the world believes crying is a sign of the weak, you don’t give a fu*k about it. You express your raw, unfiltered emotions everytime you feel the need to.

3. You know it helps venting

Those days when someone just took you by surprise, shock or ignited the rage inside of you… you prefer to vent it by crying out loud. It’s okay because it’s better than just numbing those feelings.


4. You don’t bottle your feelings

It’s so much easier to not bottle those feelings at all. You want to keep them flowing out of your body and get closure.

5. You can immediately relieve your stress and anxiety

Yes, it might help you move on faster and it sure as hell makes you a lot stronger. It’s almost like putting a full stop once you’ve cried your lungs out and explained the entire thing to yourself.

6.You understand yourself better

It’s like clearing the clouds and letting your true self shine out of it. Your blurry thoughts, emotions and feelings get washed out as you cry and you feel calmer, re-assured and a lot more at peace with your mind, body and soul!


7. You can confidently walk out of it

Because once it’s done… it is done! It’s made you so much more confident, happy and light headed and you enjoy this post-crying feeling, just like you enjoy that post-workout relaxation phase!

Yes, ladies. Crying makes you strong. And don't let anybody tell you any different. 

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