Bridal Entry Update - 8 Cool New Ways To Make A *Dramatic* Entry At Your Wedding!

Bridal Entry Update - 8 Cool New Ways To Make A *Dramatic* Entry At Your Wedding!

The recipe for a kickass bride is pretty simple - a gorgeous outfit, make-up that is on fleek, colour coordinated jewellery and of course, that much needed bridal swag! But what is all this if you don’t make a dhamakedaar  bridal entry that stuns the groom and wedding guests alike? Here are 8 really cool bridal entry ideas from brides we loved! Check them out and thank us later!

1. Baraat wali bride


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Who said only the groom can have a baraat? Well, gone are those days people! It’s time for the badass bride to make a stunning entry with her awesome baraatis in tow! You can even enter on a horse-driven carriage instead of a car! Rest assured, it’ll be fantastic!

2. The tring-tring way

Now isn’t this just so cool? If you are planning to ask your hubby to exercise or maybe get healthier post marriage, then we guess you could ask him for a little trial on the D-day itself!

3. There’s something about brides and bikes together...

Yes, there certainly is! Thumping dhol beats, a bike (a Royal Enfield or Harley, preferably) and a chill AF bride riding into her wedding venue with her entourage. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally doing this at my wedding! This is legit bridal entry goals!

4. Every princess needs her fancy carriage!


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A bride is no less than a princess on her wedding day, walking towards her Prince Charming as her new life awaits... It only makes sense for her to make her bridal entry in a perfectly decorated fairytale carriage then!

5. Walk down the aisle with your two all-time bodyguards (read: dad and brother)


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Yep, we’ve seen brides walk down the aisle with their brothers and dads, but why not bring those two together? Works best when you need all the love and repeated reassurance that they’ll always be there for you. Not only is this is a very cool bridal entry idea, but one with many emotions attached to it.

6. Friends first, couple later!

This picture is giving us such Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge feels! This is a perfect venue entry idea for the bride who wants to celebrate her friendship with bae with a Bollywood twist!

7. Make some room for the groom under that chaadar!


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If you do not want to go OTT with your bridal entry but still want to do something unique, then you can just walk down the aisle under a gorgeous phoolon ki chaadar with the husband. It’ll make for some beautiful pictures, trust us!

8. Dance your way to his heart… and the venue!

A happily dancing bride is always the prettiest! And given that it’s the most special day of your life, it’s totally cool to showcase your excitement while dancing your way to the wedding mandap!

These are some bridal entry ideas that we totally loved, which one’s your favourite?

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