7 Important Conversations You Should Be Able To Have With Your Boyfriend

7 Important Conversations You Should  Be Able To Have With Your Boyfriend

A lot of us are very close to our partners and they might be the best thing that has happened to us but still, we might be hesitant about having some important conversations with them. In fact, more often than not, these are things that may lead to a disagreement or eventual fall-out so we avoid having these conversations and put them on the back burner. This year, aim to change that. Here are 7 conversations you should have with your boyfriend if you're both thinking about 'forever'.

1. About your future together

You may have been together for more years than you remember, but it doesn’t always mean you’re ready to talk about the future. A lot of times, in fact, this conversation is a complete deal-breaker. One of the two partners may not be ready or in the zone to have this conversation. But, if you’re both in it for the long haul, being able to talk about how you both see yourselves together is key to your peace of mind.

1 conversations you should have with your boyfriend

2. About your preferences in bed

You might already know what he likes and vice versa, but it doesn’t hurt to say it out loud once in a while. Sometimes, it’s important to tell the other person even if they know. It could also be something new you discovered while reading or watching something. Let him know about this new thing you want to try or if you tried something and it didn't really float your boat. That's how both of you are going to reach a stage of mutual pleasuring! *wink*

3. About the finances

You both have spent enough time with each other to have a conversation about the bills. About how much each will contribute to the house, planning your finances and planning your life together! It’s such a crucial decision to make if you’re deciding to move in together or get married… either way, the 'money talk' is something that your long-term beau shouldn’t shy away from.

3 conversations you should have with your boyfriend

4. About the futile fights and their reasons

Why would you discuss the fight after it’s over?! Of course, you wouldn't! That's not what we're asking you to do but if there are some unaddressed emotions that surface every time you both fight, it’s good to talk about them once and for all. You don’t have to be rude and ungracious about it, it can be discussed calmly over lunch as well. All you need to do is express how you feel and then leave it at that. Don’t expect him to address it immediately though, give him time to think!

5. About the proposal

You’ve probably been imagining about this day for a long time. And if you’re both pretty darn serious about it, it makes sense to discuss when it’s going to happen. Whether there’s going to be family, friends or just you and him. Leave out the major details, otherwise, there won't be a surprise element.

5 conversations you should have with your boyfriend

6. About your career goals

This one’s crucial. You both need to focus on your career and achieve your personal goals before you can build a life together. If you are actually thinking long term, you need to be sure that both you and your partner are on the same page.

7. About your friends

Because it’s wholly possible that you both don’t like all of each other's friends that much! If you’ve been seeing your guy for long enough, you both should be comfortable in telling one another who you like and don’t like. It’s normal to like one friend more than the rest and it’s also completely okay to dislike someone, but it's always better to know!

7conversations you should have with your boyfriend

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