11 *Hilarious* Bridezilla Moments... Perfectly Explained Through GIFs (You'll Love Them!)

11 *Hilarious* Bridezilla Moments... Perfectly Explained Through GIFs (You'll Love Them!)

Buy the perfect outfits - check! Book a star make-up artist - check! Pick a theme for the wedding function - check! Make a guest list which will eventually be edited by the parents, but still - Also check. Being a bride means having to do all this plus a thousand other things.

When you have so much to do and relatively less time, you are bound to experience some (or many) bridezilla moments, and nobody can blame you for that! If you’re a bride-to-be going through that ‘bridezilla’ phase, then these hilarious relatable gifs will definitely make you LOL. Read on...

1. When the blouse doesn’t fit, but all you’ve eaten in the last 1 month is *healthy* food!

Come on guys, pizza is healthy! Veggies and cheese FTW!!!

1 blouse doesn't fit

2. When the decor guys mess up the theme, despite you telling him 48736 times exactly what you wanted!

How could he, OMG!!! The bridezilla in you is bound to surface when the decor people mess up your perfect dream wedding setup.

2 decor guy messes up

3. Your fiancé is irritating you but you’re too tired to argue with him!

Number one struggle of a bride-to-be, trust us! You want to argue but you’re tired AF, decisions, decisions!

3 too tired to fight with fiance

4. When you want to just chill with the besties but all they can do is talk about your wedding!

“I need a BREAK, girlies! There’s more to me than just my wedding…” *hairflip* We’re not saying this, but a bridezilla definitely will!

4 friends are irritating

5. When that irritating aunty starts finding faults with your wedding trousseau but you have to keep your anger in check… because bride-to-be!

You spent way too much time in deciding all of that, and some random aunty cannot just walk in and trash all your hard work… but just keep the bridezilla in check, okay? No breaking heads!

5 irritating aunty

6. When you’re tired and sleepy, but you ain’t got no time for sleep...

One hour is all you ask, but nope! You’re a bride-to-be and you got no time for this sleep business right now. 

6 sleepy but cannot sleep

7. When shaadi shopping has completely ruined shopping for you…

It no longer excites you at all, and you only get irritated when someone asks you to go shopping. That is what being a bride-to-be does to your appetite for shopping! Really!

7 tired of shopping

8. When you’re sick of hearing everybody’s opinion and you’d rather opt out of planning...

But then you remember that it’s your own wedding. Damn!

8 opinions

9. When your folks don’t understand the term ‘intimate’ wedding and invite everybody they have EVER known!

When your parents invite almost everyone they know (or even don’t) and you come to know about it!  Me: *death stare* (That is why we say you should never mess with a bridezilla!)

9 not an intimate wedding

10. When you’re hungry but can’t eat because your make-up is on…

Can a bride-to-be not have that last slice of pizza before she turns from miss to missus? Life is unfair. Also, damn you make-up!

10 want to eat but cannot

11. When your sister tells you the baraat is there and you have to get ready for your bridal entry!

*But where are all my brothers??? Am I supposed to carry the phoolon ki chaadar over my head?*

11 baraat is here

We hope these brought a smile to your face and eased all you brides-to-be of some of your bridezilla misery. Trust us, it’s all going to work out just fine!

GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy