7 Important Things To Keep In Mind When You Go For Your *First* Bridal Lehenga Fitting!

7 Important Things To Keep In Mind When You Go For Your *First* Bridal Lehenga Fitting!

We know holding on to your excitement can be a tad difficult but don't get too carried away, because the first lehenga trial is just the start of a long journey of many more trials! While it’s completely normal to be thrilled and excited, here are a few must-dos for you to remember during your first bridal lehenga fitting. 

1. Sit down, stand up and sit again!

Pooja Sonik

Image Source: Pooja Sonik

If you can't sit down wearing your lehenga, then it will be an absolute disaster. All the twirling in front of the mirror will be useless if your lehenga bulges up near your waist. If it’s so tight that you can't sit at all, then it is certainly not the right fit anyway.

2. Take your bridal lingerie with you

Always slip in your wedding day essentials before trying your lehenga. This is extremely important because the final customization will be done according to your shape, and if you're not in the correct lingerie, then well… Best would be to wear the lingerie you plan to wear on your wedding day just to ensure the fittings are true to size. 

3. Check the zips and hooks

Rehat Brar

Image Source: Rehat Brar

We know this may sound like a no-brainer but do check the zips and hooks of the lehenga on its own and while you are wearing it. These minor details can lead to major problems and you definitely don’t want that on your wedding day!

4. Does your lehenga hold up without the dori?

If it doesn't, then get it fixed because you certainly don’t want your blouse dori to be tugging at your waist, causing an unsightly itch. If the dori is too long, then the fabric near your waist will look untidy, so get it sorted.

5. Wear your bridal shoes and accessories while trying out

The Wedding Conteurs

Image Source: The Wedding Conteurs

Again, the entire ensemble needs to come together. Wearing your bridal shoes and accessories helps you know the length of your lehenga better, always. With the heels on, it gives you a better picture of how the lehenga actually fits you.

6. Don’t get your fittings done too early

Your final fittings should be done no longer than about a month before the big day. You know why we are saying this. Brides tend to lose or gain weight right before their wedding for reasons related to stress or maybe even following extreme diets. Believe us, even an error of half an inch can make a huge difference to the fitting.

7. Test that dupatta

Gen Reilly

Image Source: Gen Reilly

Dupattas are always tricky. Try it out during the fitting so that you know exactly how you want to drape it. If you are unsure of the draping or maybe uncomfortable, then you can always get styling tips (from the tailor/sales assistant) during your trial sessions.

Featured Image: The Wedding Shades