Yes, It's Zara But You'd Think Twice Before Buying These 8 Bizarre Things!

Yes, It's Zara But You'd Think Twice Before Buying These 8 Bizarre Things!

If you’re a regular reader of POPxo fashion, you’d know how we feel about Zara. Whether it’s about finding runway ready clothes or sales to die for, we have faith in the fast fashion brand. But here’s the thing, we don’t love everything we see at a Zara store or on their website. Which is quite fair, to be honest. No, this article isn’t about dissing Zara or anything, but we bet even you’ll think twice before buying these 8 bizarre fashion items from Zara!  

The ‘confident’ beanie

1 fashion items from Zara

Zara wants you to wear confidence on your head for a constant reminder. You know, just in case you forget. JK, it’s great to be confident but that doesn’t mean you have to wear it as a beanie for reiteration.     

Price: Rs 690. Check it out here

Too much fur to handle

2 fashion items from Zara

Let’s get this straight, we have nothing against faux fur on our shoes. But this pair from Zara is a little overwhelming for us. Something about these shoes reminds us of sheep. Not something we’d like people to think of when they see our feet! How bizarre!    

Price: Rs 2,490. Check them out here

An optical illusion

3 fashion items from Zara

If ‘confused’ were a shirt, this is what it’d look like. The asymmetrical design, stripes and two contrasting colours - there is too much going on here. We’d rather steer clear of this Zara shirt, for sure.

Price: Rs 1,490. Check it out here

Say what?

4 fashion items from Zara

We’re game for slogan tees and sheer tops but we still don’t understand the message this bizarre top is trying to convey. ‘Made for everybody’? What exactly are we talking about? Also, the satin vest and the sheer sleeves don’t go down too well with us.

Price: Rs 1,490. Check it out here

The OTT ballerinas!

5 fashion items from Zara

These ballerinas might work well for a 10-year-old girl, but not for a grown woman. As if the combination of fuschia and black wasn’t enough, there’s a strap and a bejewelled bow as well. That doesn’t match our definition of elegant fashion. 

Price: Rs 1,490. Check it out here

The eye-grabbing pockets

6 fashion items from Zara

The textured pockets on this sweater demand way too much attention. We’re missing subtlety here. Seriously, this navy blue sweater would be perfect without those statement-making fashion pockets.

Price: Rs 2,490. Check it out here

Let the bag be, please!

7 fashion items from Zara

It’s the game of slogans, again. This bag might work for someone with a dark humour but we’re not big fans of slogans on our bag straps TBH. And of course, the bizarre slogan itself is beyond us.

Price: Rs 1,990. Check it out here

The fringe fiasco

8 fashion items from Zara

We’re in love with the fringe trend and seriously hoping to see more of it next year, but not in this form, please! We’re not sure if these Zara pants will flatter anyone’s body. However, these pants can be a good costume for a themed party!

Price: Rs 2,990. Check it out here