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New Bride? Here's The Ultimate Beauty Regime For The First Week After Your Wedding!

New Bride? Here's The Ultimate Beauty Regime For The First Week After Your Wedding!

Weddings can take a real toll on your skin. And if you are a bride, then this certainly is not good news. As a bride, your skin is exposed to hoards of make-up products and treatments which look good temporarily, but show its ill effects after the shaadi celebrations are over. So to help your skin recover and bring back your inner glow, we, your virtual BFF’s at POPxo have introduced a Beauty Box for the month of January that is full of some amazing beauty treats for the bride.The products are worth Rs 1,576, however, the box is priced at Rs 888. And surprise, surprise, you can shop the preview sale on right now to buy it at a flat Rs 799! The Beauty Box along with the skincare regimen would definitely do wonders to your post wedding beauty ritual. Want to know how? Then read on...

1. Moisturize as many times as you can!

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We understand you can’t ditch make-up entirely, but you have to let your skin breathe and regain its natural beauty post your wedding. We suggest you cleanse and moisturize your skin daily, as it will prevent your skin from getting dry or irritable. Also, always use non-comedogenic cleansers and moisturizers, especially the oil free variants if you have sensitive skin.

2. A deep clean pore face wash, a must

A deep clean face wash like the Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile Face Wash (MRP Rs 77) comes enriched with essential oils that soothes and calms your skin, while leaving it fresh and relaxed. It even has gentle white tea and soy milk extracts and microbeads that  deep cleans your pores and removes dust and grime from your skin. Now isn’t that what your skin needs right after your wedding?

3.  If not sleep, power naps help!

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We know it’s next to impossible to  get some peaceful sound sleep in between all the post wedding do’s. If you can’t manage those long eight hours of sleep then do try to take some power naps in between. It will help you for sure!

4. Shoo away stress with good multi-vitamins

Popping pills is certainly not the solution. But if your skin is turning erratic, then it is important to consult a dermatologist who would advise you on some good multivitamins. The key is to improve your diet, drink lots of water, and exercise to keep your skin glowing from the inside.

5. A good hand cream can do wonders!

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Amidst all the chaos, we often end up ignoring our hands, leaving them dry and rough. Keep them moisturized with Colorbar’s Fruit Drop Hydrating Hand Cream. It has a ultra-luxe formula and comes enriched with Vitamin A and C that keeps flaky skin at bay.

6. Go soft on your lips

Chapped lips are never a pretty sight! We suggest you use the Organic Harvest Pomegranate Lip Balm (MRP Rs 199)  daily as it contains the goodness of essential oil and vitamin E, that not only brings moisture back to your lips but also prevents them from darkening.

7. Hydrate your skin

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Shaadi celebrations can surely take a toll on your body! And not to forget those umpteen cocktails you sipped, leaving you dehydrated. We advise you to keep a bottle of water handy and stay hydrated. A daily intake of 8 glasses of water will do wonders to your skin and body.

Want to know more about the #POPxoBeautyBox? Here’s all that it contains:

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  1. Blossom Kochhar White Tea & Chamomile Face wash (MRP Rs 77)

  2. Souhait Essentials Flawless Face Oil (MRP Rs 350)

  3. Colorbar Fruit Drop Hydrating Hand Cream

  4. Organic Harvest Pomegranate Lip Balm (MRP Rs 199)

  5. MyGlamm Beauty Blender (MRP Rs 950)

  6. Blossom Kochhar Voucher (20% off on purchase of Rs 799)

  7. M&S voucher (Get Rs. 500 off on a purchase of Rs 2,500)

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