Our Favourite Labels To Score Gorgeous *Banarasi* Outfits For Your Wedding!

Our Favourite Labels To Score Gorgeous *Banarasi* Outfits For Your Wedding!

It is true, the lure of a gorgeous banarasi outfit is unavoidable! With wedding celebrations being so extravagant, brides these days do prefer lighter fabrics over heavier ones. But we must admit, the grandeur of a banarasi fabric has a charm of its own. It looks stylish and also successfully adds a touch of tradition to your outfit. Here is a list of some of our favourite labels that will not only satisfy your love for banarasi but these labels are also well known for their amazing wedding wear. Take a look.

1. Ekaya


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Ekaya is a luxury handloom brand that sources some of the finest fabrics from Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. Specifically known for its banarasi dupattas and salwar kameez, we would surely suggest this brand if you want to go all traditional at a friend’s wedding or even want to flaunt a gorgeous banarasi brocade lehenga at your shaadi.

2. Bageecha Banaras 


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Vibrant colours and contemporary style is what makes Bageecha Banaras our absolute favourite. From coral reds to pink pastels, you get a varied variety of dupattas, sarees and lehengas. Such is the fan following of this brand that even comedy queen Mallika Dua swears by it.

3. Loom story


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Loom story's biggest USP is its affordability. Everything from the shiny dupattas to the colourful sarees celebrates banarasi traditions. With its bright happy colours and breathable fabrics, Loom Story sure is one brand that you must consider.

4. Raw Mango

If you are looking for a luxury label that celebrates traditional aesthetics along with contemporary design elements, then Sanjay Garg’s Raw Mango it is! Unique in style and craft, Raw Mango's brocade lehengas and beautiful banarasi sarees is one investment that you’ll never feel guilty about. Btw, it's a celeb favourite too! 

5. Sue Mue 


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Sue Mue’s creations add an extra bit of oomph to traditional Indian wear. The label has given the traditional banarasi fabric a sexy avatar. Be it a wedding or a family function, their outfits can be worn for any occasion. Their layered lehenga paired with a frilled top is what caught our eye and is definitely on our lust list.

6. House of Raisons 

Style, sensuousness and seduction, probably that is what every outfit at House of Raisons is all about. The label gives a bridal ensemble a touch of grace and class which is unmissable. They stock some super gorgeous handwoven banarasi dupattas and stunning sarees that can even be paired with western wear.

So brides-to-be, now that you know about the labels, it's time to start shopping!