From Shaadi To Baby: Here Are 11 *Annoying* Things People Say To Newlyweds!

From Shaadi To Baby: Here Are 11 *Annoying* Things People Say To Newlyweds!

Nothing kills the newlywed buzz like the barrage of randomness that nearly *all* newlyweds are subjected to. No seriously, if you’ve been through this just know that you’re not alone. It’s way more common than you would have ever imagined. Those of you who are yet to marry - brace yourselves; the random (and unwanted) comments are coming!

1. “You are still in your honeymoon period. Real marriage starts after this.”

Umm, what? I certainly don’t think I need you to decide when my marriage *really* starts!


2. “When are you giving us ‘the good news’?”

Once you’re married people assume your ‘real’ purpose in life is to produce children! It is beyond annoying and downright invasive!

3. “Oh! You’re still working?” - *Cue exaggerated shocked expression here*

Please note – no one ever asks the men this question!


4. “You don’t look married”

And you don’t look stupid. But here we are…

5. “It must be so tough to live with in-laws”

This is just people trying to dig up dirt; don’t encourage this kind of talk – EVER. It is a trap!


6. “You must be missing your independence”

It’s totally appropriate to remind people at this point that it’s marriage, not jail!

7. “You’re lucky to have such nice in-laws”

In case no one noticed, they’re lucky to have me too!


8. “Has he changed after marriage?”

Umm, was he supposed to? Because we missed the memo! Why in the name of god would my husband change after marriage, you guys?

9. “Why aren’t you wearing sindoor?”

Yeah, people think you ought to look like a bahu straight out of one of those K serials! Of course, and not to forget the huge bindi and heavy make-up?!


10. “NOW you must be feeling like an adult”

Because working, and paying bills, and being independent didn’t make me feel like one at all, but marriage certainly will! Not an annoying (and demeaning) thing to say at all! *please note the sarcasm*

11. “Enjoy while you can.”

That is a terribly vague statement that makes me supremely uncomfortable, but okay, I will.


So, next time you meet a newlywed couple, make sure you do not throw any of these random annoying statements at them!

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