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5 Beauty Products under Rs 1,000 That Are Flying Off The Shelves

5 Beauty Products under Rs 1,000 That Are Flying Off The Shelves

Girls, brace yourselves. We are making a revelation today: Beauty products don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Yes, you read that right! We have found amazing products that can do wonders for your skin and you won’t believe how reasonably priced they are! And guess what? These have taken the market by a storm and make-up lovers can’t get enough of them.

Go on, take a look at these popular products under Rs 1,000 that are flying off the shelves (literally) and run to the store before they get sold out!

1.  Rose Mist

rose mistThis rose water mist is infused with natural ingredients like green tea extract, vitamin C, aloe vera and lavender that help in setting your make-up and calms, hydrates and adds radiance to your skin. Bonus, bonus!

Brand: Colorbar

Product Name: Rose Mist

Buy it here.

2. Argan Oil

argan oil

Argan Oil has a special place in our hearts for its skincare benefits. Why we love it? It is a perfect solution to yield a nice glow and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, it helps prevent acne and works wonderfully on sensitive skin. Yep, the benefits are endless, so start oiling up already!

Brand: Colorbar

Product Name: Argan Oil  

Buy it here.

3.  Hand Cream

fruit drop

The secret weapon you need to use to avoid dry hands (that BAE doesn’t want to hold) and encourage nourished, beautiful skin is this hand cream. One of the most affordable hand creams in the market, this fruity cream with apple, carrot, grapefruit and kiwi extracts will give you velvet-soft hands and repair damage.

Brand: Colorbar

Product Name: Fruit drop hand cream

Buy it here.

4. Lipstick

kiss proof

Looking for a lip colour for daily wear? We advise you to invest in this range of kiss-ready lipsticks because they all look great on any skin tone, last for hours and nourish the lips. What more could we ask for?

Brand: Colorbar

Product Name: Kiss Proof Lipstick

Buy it here.

5. Oval Face Brush

oval face brush

You don't need a pouch full of face brushes when one can do the job for you. This oval brush will help you contour, highlight and blend to perfection without breaking the bank.

Brand: Colorbar

Product Name: Pro Oval Face Brush

Buy it here.

*This article is in collaboration with Colorbar.  

Published on Jan 3, 2018
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