Last Minute Checklist: 24 Things You Need To Do 24 Hours Before Your Wedding!

Last Minute Checklist: 24 Things You Need To Do 24 Hours Before Your Wedding!

It is true, one can never be completely ready for marriage. And when it comes to your shaadi day, the pre-wedding jitters are natural. Your mind goes through a flurry of emotions that you might have no control over… Right from worrying about your wedding lehenga to the BIG shift in your life, a day prior to your wedding day can be quite overwhelming. In between all that wedding madness, sometimes, a lot of important things get missed out. To avoid any unnecessary hassles and last minute bridezilla moments, we have put together a handy list of the 24 things you must do 24 hours before your D-Day. Bookmark now!

1. Check On Your Dress, Shoes & Jewellery

We know, this seems like a no brainer, but trust us when we say this! A lot of times brides leave it to their mother or the bridesmaid to check on their clothes, shoes and jewellery. A stain, a broken hook or a missing earring stopper are things that always come unannounced. Therefore, it is advisable you do a thorough last minute check before you put them back in the wardrobe.

2. Pack Some Comfy Clothes To Wear In-Between The Functions

If you’re having a destination wedding or are shifting to the venue for the week long festivities, make sure you throw in a few comfortable outfits to wear in-between the functions. Trust us, a lot of brides forget to do so and end up wearing borrowed clothes! Keep a simple suit or saree ready for an intimate family ritual that might pop up, thanks to the Chandigarh wale tauji!

3. Call Your Vendors

It’s best to reconfirm the important details one last time with all your vendors. We’re not asking you to go through every little detail, just a friendly call, 24 hours before your wedding will assure you (and them) that everything is as per schedule.

4. Go On A Quick Meditation Mode

Take 5 minutes off your busy schedule and practise simple meditation and breathing techniques. It will help you calm down and feel more relaxed… A must for the bride-to-be.

5. Write A Love Note To Him

We thrive on technology, but there is nothing more romantic than a handwritten letter. You could ask one of your bridesmaid to deliver it to him hours before the wedding. We are telling you, he’ll love the surprise.

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6. Prepare An Emergency Clutch

All your bobby pins, lipstick, eyeliner, wet wipes (for the tears!), phone charger, medicine etc should be in your essentials clutch that could either be with you or your trusted bridesmaid.

7. Get The Overnight Bag Ready

For the wedding night and the morning after. Your sexy nightdress, lingerie, clothes for the morning, toiletries, mint, basic make-up and a chocolate bar for those midnight cravings!

8. Check On The Hair

You probably got your waxing done a couple of days before the wedding. Check for any unwanted hair and get shaving!

9. Keep Those Juttis Handy

You really don’t want to be roaming around in those heels all night long. Take our advice and keep a pair of juttis in your bridal bag.

10. Designate A Trusty In-Charge

Your wedding day will be hectic and you need a trusted friend to be around you at all times… To help you through any uncomfortable situation. From helping you lift the heavy lehenga to guarding your phone and giving your lipstick a quick touch-up.

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11. Spend Time With Your Family

Go hug your mom, watch a movie with your sister or go for a walk with your father. You will probably miss these moments when once you get married.

12. And your friends!

If they’re not already with you, make sure you give them a call and command to see them! Nothing like spending the last few hours with all the special people!

13. Buy Yourself A Treat

Get that tub of Ben & Jerry’s or a double chocolate cupcake. It’ll surely make you happy instantly!

14. Arrange For A Pamper Session

Wedding planning is no easy task and you surely need a relaxing pamper session after it all. Book yourself a spa session or better still, buy yourself a rosé wine, you deserve it, girl!

15. Test Drive Your Shoes

You probably would be wearing heels and definitely don’t want an awkward moment while walking down the aisle! Therefore, it always help to walk in your wedding shoes, just to make yourself comfortable in them. Oh, and don’t forget to strap on heel cushions as they make walking in heels, a lot less uncomfortable.

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16. Have Your Phone Fully Charged

‘Coz, we know, you’ll forget.

17. Click Some Crazy Pictures With Your Family

Yes, you’ll be clicking a lot of pictures on your wedding day, but a day before, just take a lot of candid and crazy pictures. You’ll be glad you have memories where you actually look like yourself!

18. Pay Attention To What You Eat

It is easy to go overboard with all the sweets and chicken tikkas during the shaadi celebrations. So make sure you eat them moderately and include more veggies and fruits to keep that bloat away!

19. ... & Drink Lots Of Water

This a must. 8 glasses of water should be one rule you should never break!

20. Take Care Of Those Tresses

Keep your crowning glory just as lustrous by getting a hot champi done just before your wedding day. Make sure you shampoo and condition them to keep them as healthy and shiny as they are.

20 wedding new champi

21. Practise That Pose

Remember, practice makes perfect! This might sound weird but believe us, you are going to get a lot of pictures clicked and it’s best to know your most flattering pose.  

22. Be Grateful

You have come so far and you deserve all the happiness. It is finally happening and it will all go just fine. Be grateful and brace yourself for a new life ahead.

23. Sleep Well

We can’t stress this enough! A lot of brides lose sleep over it and it is the nervous pangs that takes the better of them. Do not let this happen to you. Eat your dinner early and try and get your 8 hours of beauty sleep because tomorrow is going to be yours!

24. But First, Send Him A Message

Your last conversation before you become husband and wife!

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