Confession: How Make-Up Helped Me Redefine My Boundaries

Confession: How Make-Up Helped Me Redefine My Boundaries

I was seven when I first applied a lip colour  for the first time—a child mimicking her mother and trying to act like a grown up. Fast track to 21, I wear make-up almost every day. So why do I, and countless other women, begin the day with foundation, concealer, and mascara? Well, I could feed you the usual, “I wear it make-up to look pretty,” but that would be a lie. The real reason why I wake up an hour in advance every day to prep up is that it makes me feel good about myself. And if make-up brings me closer to loving myself, then that’s how I am going to play it.

Fun fact: A woman spends 10 minutes on an average to apply make-up every day and there are strong reasons why you shouldn't feel guilty about it. Not even for a second.Honestly, I have come a long way and believe it or not, it has helped me turn my life around in more ways than one. Here’s how.

1. It re-built my self-image

I was bullied for my bushy eyebrows and pale skin as a teenager. Then I developed adult acne and makeup was a powerful tool to help bring my confidence back. Learning how to correctly conceal my acne boosted my confidence with and also without make-up. It taught me how to turn my negatives into positives. Make-up can enhance your self-esteem, but it's also fun. So throw the rule book and try something new — it doesn't matter how silly, extreme, or colourful it is. The beauty of it is, it comes off in instantly with a wipe. Isn't that liberating now?


2. Make-up turned my passion into a full-time career

After earning a degree in business, I secured a high paying job at a leading credit card company. I was all set to work long hours in the quest of becoming an investment banker but something was missing. Many say do what makes you happy. This made me think about things I’m really passionate--and the answer was clear. Make-up is not only the arsenal I put on every morning. It’s not just skin deep and that’s what I wanted to learn more about. I spent hours watching experts, YouTube tutorials and at malls. I became an adviser to all my friends and after nailing my interview, I landed a job as a beauty writer. Honestly, I’d never imagined that I’d giving tips to thousands of women, but my advice was always spot on. I am content with my job and I have a glam face to support it!

3. Make-up helped me build a strong persona

I realised the power of make-up shortly after the first month at my job. And gradually, I started to use this knowledge to my advantage. For instance, the times when I want to elude the ‘I am in-charge’ vibe, then I opt for a shiny, deep lip colour. For a more approachable appeal, while interacting with clients and juniors, a swipe of a nude shade works like a charm. My work speaks for me, but my appearance makes my voice louder.

4. It’s a form of self-expression

This part of my life is just for me, no one else. I don’t use make-up to look sexy or hot for the world; I do it for me. I want to feel sexy on days I’m going out with my friends. I want to look professional with a toned down, point-on look when I’m heading to work. And then there are times when I’m chilling at home and experimenting with different looks I have bookmarked on Instagram. I express my different moods and layers with cosmetics and it’s a lovely way to bring out the best in myself.

And you know what? I think many of us feel the same way, too.

I am doubly convinced of the fact that make-up is more than just cosmetics now that I have come across this video by Lotus Make-Up, where women from different walks of life are giving their confidence a boost with a swipe of kajal or lip colour just like I did. Have a look!

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