This 80/20 Rule Might Be The Secret To All Happy Relationships

This 80/20 Rule Might Be The Secret To All Happy Relationships

Have you ever noticed how there are a few principles out there that have nothing to do with relationships - romantic or otherwise, but if put to use, can completely alter your relationships and make you so much happier and satisfied.

Here's one that I feel is one of the best principles to put to use. Ever heard of the economic Pareto Principle? The principle is named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who noticed that 80% of the effects comes from 20% of the causes, hence, the name 80/20 rule. This concept was developed in the context of distribution of income and wealth. What does that mean? Well, simply put, 20% of the world's population controls about 80% of the income.

Well, that's a lot of economics for a relationship article! Well, there are a few easy explanations for this. Let's go over all of them one by one.

Satisfaction is of prime importance

This first explanation of this law is that when in a relationship, you only get 80% of what you want in a person. To further simplify this, it means that if you have a list of requirements, in the best case scenario, your partner will only be able to match 80% of those requirements. But, sometimes, the missing 20% is what causes the partners to be dissatisfied with their love life.

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The secret to a happy relationship is accepting that everyone has flaws and no single person is perfect, including you. So we need to accept our partners for who they are instead of trying to change them into who we think they should be. Instead of criticising, focus on the strengths and build them up.

Little things matter most

Another version of this rule states that out of all the problems we face in a relationship, 80% of them are caused by 20% of the actions. Little things like leaving the clothes lying around, not putting the toilet seat down or not helping around the house. While they may seem will like little things, in reality, these issues are the ones that pile to create some of the biggest fights!

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Inner turmoil is where it's at

The third application of this law lies in what we think is the root cause of an issue. Instead of considering everything as your partner's fault, it might be better if we consider that most of the issues stem from an inner turmoil and only 20% of the issues are real problems.

What this means is whenever there is trouble in paradise, you must take time to consider if the cause of the issue is a current battle you're fighting with yourself or something that your partner has done. Four times out of five, you'll realise you are the issue and not your partner!

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So which version of this rule are you going to put in use?

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