Get Over The G-Spot Ladies. Find Your A-Spot

Get Over The G-Spot Ladies. Find Your A-Spot

Sometimes, I feel that women’s bodies are mythical landscapes we haven’t been able to properly discover yet. Of course, the fact that we have had next to no sex education in our schools only adds to how I am still discovering new things about my nether region even in my mid-20s.

We are familiar with our G-Spot (yes it is named after a man) located in front of the vaginal wall, between the vaginal opening and urethra, whose stimulation can lead to intense moments of sexual arousal. But there is also an underrated A-Spot - a pleasurable patch of sensitive tissue located at the inner ending of the vaginal tube between the cervix and the bladder, which is in fact, as pleasure-inducing.

Basically, the A-Spot, also known as the AFE (Anterior Fornix Erogenous) zone, is situated at the deepest point of the vagina on its anterior wall where it begins to curve upwards.

1 a spot

How can you find it?

According to a report in the Men’s Health magazine, an approximate of only 11 percent of women have found it. Once your fingers are at your G-Spot, curve them slightly like a hook and reach inside for about an inch, like you were pointing at your belly button. When your fingers hit the first patch of soft, almost spongy tissue, before your cervix - that’s your A-spot. Make sure you are not very close to the entrance - because then you might still be hitting your G-spot.

How is it different?

Although both have similar sensations, the G-spot is idea for the climax and orgasm, stimulating the A-spot works wonders during foreplay. Although it might not lead to a full-blown orgasm, it heightens sensitivity and lubrication (which makes it ideal for women who tend to experience vaginal dryness). Because the vagina responds most to pressure and movement, anything that involves deep penetration like the doggy style is likely to trigger it the most.

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Keep in mind that it is around your ovulation that cervical stimulation is most pleasurable, usually around the 13th to 16th day of the cycle. And contrary to popular perception, you don’t need a long penis to get to the A-spot because the vaginal canal is quite short and even your index finger can reach it! Ladies, perhaps it is best to explore it on your own first, before you involve your partner.

The A-spot is located towards the back of the vagina so there are chances that you might not trace it the first time around. But trust us, it is like an acquired taste, once you hit the A-spot, there is no turning back.  

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