We Are In *Love* With These Wedding Signboards On Instagram And You’ll Be Too!

We Are In *Love* With These Wedding Signboards On Instagram And You’ll Be Too!

Best lehenga, check. Best catering, check. Best venue, check. You have set up your wedding in the best possible way. But there's one small detail that has the power to spoil all of that. A tacky signboard! Yes! The wedding signboards are the first thing that you notice in a wedding because it's right at the entrance and that plays a major role in wedding decor. Normally in India, people follow the person A weds person B template but most times, people either mess up the names or the 'weds' is spelt in the most creative ways. Don't do that in your wedding. Do away with all the cringe and take inspo from these cool wedding signboards on Instagram.

1. Boards with a strong message!


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A board that bonds two families like never before. A strong message which conveys how we need to be unbiased and become one family. Couldn’t be conveyed any better through wedding sign boards. 

2. Oh-so-boho!


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Florals somehow are never outdated when it comes to wedding decor. There are ways that you can make it look not boring and give you all the boho feels. And specially if your wedding bar counter is all decked up in florals it all the more entices your guests with the wedding decor.

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3. Beachy vibes!

Nothing beats a beach wedding, right? So your wedding sign boards need to be as stunning as your wedding would turn out to be. Check this sign board and the wedding decor done around it and drool.

4. Let it be wild!


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Be wild. Be free. Even after you get hitched. If you have found someone as crazy and wild as yourself, go straight for the 'jungle' theme.

5. High on LOVE!

Give your marriage the high that it deserves - if you're his shot of whiskey, make him your glass of wine. Quite a quirky way of putting out your love on a signboard.

6. Love is in the air

Love knows no boundaries. Vows to each other make for a beautiful wedding sign boards to show your partner the love you have for her in abundance.

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7. Marry for all the wrong reasons

Among all the ones we spotted, this is our personal favourite for all the right reasons. It couldn’t get any more real. A signboard with a message, ‘I want to marry you for all the wrong reasons,’ says it all. No filter, whatsoever!

Featured Image: WeddingNama