All Our Favourite Wedding Day Hairstyles That'll Make You Look Like A Disney Princess

All Our Favourite Wedding Day Hairstyles That'll Make You Look Like A Disney Princess

Apart from the beautiful lehenga and the impeccable make-up, it your wedding day hairstyle that truly takes the cake. And while a neatly folded bun will always remain a classic, brides these days are experimenting with long artistic braids and even open boho hair that would even put Rapunzel to shame! So if you’re looking for some solid hairstyle inspiration for your big day, here’s all our favourite bridal hairstyles and haircare tips that’ll make you look nothing short of a Disney princess!

Beautiful bridal hairstyles for every length!

Every bride is different and so is the length of their hair. We at POPxo believe in celebrating diversity, and given the many hair types and lengths of Indian brides, here are some beautiful wedding day hairstyles along with some haircare tips that suit each and every hair length.

1. Lovely loose waves


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If joodas are not your thing, opt for the ever glamorous soft waves to frame your face. Waves are a great option for the minimalist bride who wants her hairstyle too to connect with her chilled out vibe. No matter what the length of your hair, this hairstyle inspiration will definitely look great on your wedding.

2. Pony up!


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This bride is giving us some major hair goals! The bridal pony is all the rage this shaadi season and you can also easily pin up a light dupatta on your head with this hairdo. With the help of your makeup artist, experiment with different heights of the pony to find one that best suits your face shape.

3. Pouf up the hair!

We’re loving the bride’s juda that’s all about the volume! For a look that totally stands out, go in for lots of volume at the crown area. A puffed up front and a basic jooda sure does make for one amazing bridal hairstyle. It also helps especially if you have a wider face!

Keep those flyaways out of your face by setting it with a brilliant hairspray. Our favourite has to be the Wella Proffesional hairspray available on Nykaa for Rs 675.

4. The beautiful side braid

A messy side braid is one hairdo that never fails to impress. And it sure is the only hairstyle that looks great with not just a lehenga, but an anarkali or a saree too. Style your hair in a thick messy side braid and do it up with fresh flowers for the best ever bridal look.

5. The elegant low bun

Switch the typical jooda with an elegant low bun at your wedding. We’re loving this slightly messy style with tousled flicks to frame the face. Instead of a gajra, pretty up your hairdo with white orchids and baby’s breath.

6. The bun with a twist


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If you do not have hair long enough to make a heavy jooda or add too much volume to your crown, this is one hairdo that is perfect for you. Just add in some braids at the top to it an added volume. The focus here shifts to the front and we have to admit that it looks fabulous.

Make sure you always carry a bunch on bobby pins to avoid any hair faux pas at the last moment. Get these pack of 72 available on Amazon for Rs 129.

7. The side-swept style


Sister of the groom

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This sister of the groom is giving us some major bridal hair goals too! A gorgeous hairdo for the bride who has short hair, this wedding day hairstyle suits most face shapes and is a great pick for the wedding. Soft curls, side-swept hair and loosely pinned strands make for an all out glam look.

8. A stylised fishtail

Doesn’t this remind you of princess Jasmine’s hair? Braids are getting bigger and better and you as the bride-to-be totally must try out this trend. We’re in love with this messy fishtail braid that is done up with tiny little flowers. A lovely exaggerated hairstyle, this is just fab.

9. The half up, half down look

When in doubt, go in for the ever elegant half updo. This is one such classic hairstyle that will never go out of style and is versatile enough to suit almost every outfit and hair length. A middle part for your maangtika and in-curls at the ends will make you look like a true diva.

Get those touchable soft curls with this Vega hair curler available on Amazon for Rs 1,019.

10. Flicks for the win

A loosely tied low jooda, this is just the prettiest ever bridal look. Softly frame your face with loosely curled flicks and opt for a middle part for your maangtika. While this may not be the ideal choice for the bride wearing a maathapatti, it still is a great hairdo to inspire your wedding hairstyle with limited fuss.

Just Not Buns: Here’s Are Some Of The Trendiest Wedding Day Hairstyles That Are Worth Stealing!

While the bun seems like the obvious hairstyle choice, there are innumerable ways you can jazz up your wedding day hairstyles. If you’re a bride who would prefer not wearing her hair up on her big day, here is oodles of hairstyle inspiration for some wedding day hairstyles other than the bun. We’re sure you’ll love them all!

1. Simply Side-Swept

Image: Mahima Bhatia on Instagram

Isn’t this bride oozing with old world charm? We love the neat side parting, loosely curled ends and the side-swept style. It’s simple, chic and a veil or dupatta pinned to the crown, only adds to the look. Ditch that bun, we say. *Wink*

2. Au naturelle


Image: Gautam Khullar on Instagram

This bride defines the concept of beauty in simplicity, doesn’t she? A no-fuss and very natural looking hairstyle with a centre parting that’s pinned up on either side. Love, love, LOVE!

3. Braided and bold

Image: The Cheesecake Project on Instagram

Flaunt what you’ve got, ladies! Look at this bride with gorgeous long tresses that are braided and adorned with lots of gajras - a hairstyle we totally recommend to all brides. The puffed up hair in front, only adds to the traditional get-up. Give this one a good look, we say.

Get this string of beautiful multicolour gajra from Amazon for Rs 299. Get at least 2-4 of these if you have long hair.

4. Pouf + curls

The pinned up teased hair in front that is left curled at the bottom - nothing too elaborate yet perfectly complementing this bride’s look. A great option if you want to give that bridal bun a miss, isn’t it? It’s elegant and so feminine! Love!

5. Dreamy waves

Image: WeddingNama on Instagram

We’re totally crushing on this bride’s wavy hairdo! A neat centre parting, that volume at the crown and the waves under that veil - we wouldn’t change a thing about this stylish look. It simple, it’s fresh and oh-so-glam! Now who thought open hair could look so gorge on a bride?

6. Fun floral fix


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Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

Those ringlets and the floral accessories in them, are giving us serious #bridalgoals. The perfect alternative to that bridal bun, we say. The well-curled hair, centre parting and that dramatic bouffant at the crown are working so well for this bride.

Get those stunning decorated hair clips to put your hair in order from Amazon for Rs 399.

7. Of braids and beads

Image: Gautam Khullar on Instagram

See that thick, beautiful braid? Who said those cutesy side braids are only for your mehendi function? And if you’ve done the floral accessories for your mehendi or sangeet, opt for strings of beads like the these that are wrapped around this bride’s braid - a look you’re going to be glad you went with.

8. Easy breezy


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Another bride who chose to leave her hair open on the wedding day, and boy what a pretty picture she paints as a bride! Neatly straightened out hair with curls at the bottom - simple and chic. #BridalHairGoals

An elaborate mattha patti is must for when you want to leave your hair open as a bride. Get yours on Pernia's Pop Up Shop for 11,200.

9. Love them loose curls

Image: Mahima Bhatia on Instagram

That pinned up bouffant and those waves at the ends - this bride got it just right with her wedding hairdo. And the loose hair around the ears only adds to the beauty, doesn’t it? Bridal buns clearly aren’t the only choice, ladies.

‘Coz Flowers Are The Best!

Flowers have the power to beautify the surrounding. Everything from its fragrance to its bloom, exudes a happy atmosphere. They can be an excellent way to accessorize your crowning glory on your wedding, without it having to be expensive. Here are some pictures of real brides that prove that flowers are still the best hair accessories to don on most of your wedding day hairstyles.

1. For the royal bride

Roses and mogra are two flowers that we can never get enough of! And when combined together, they make the most beautiful (and fragrant) hair accessories. Look at this pretty bride who decided to don a pretty floral jooda to match with the floral embroidery on her lehenga.

2. Blissful greens

Simplicity is the best look a bride can wear.This pretty bride decided to match her hair accessory with her lehenga and she looked surreal!. Do try!

3. A tiara for the princess


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A bride-to-be is definitely no less than a princess. This super pretty floral tiara made out of roses and mogras just doubles the beauty of this blushing bride!

How about matching that radiant bridal glow with a pink blush? The Maybelline Color Show blush is quite a winner. Get it on Nykaa for Rs 276 only!

4. Pretty up that braid


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Braids are very pretty and a fail-proof hairstyle choice for a soon-to-be-bride. It is quite an easy hairstyle to wear too. Just take some inspiration from this bride who used tiny pink florals to get her dreamy wedding hairstyle!

5. Serenity in white

A bride dressed in white looks no less than a fairy (just look at this twirling beauty here!) And we just can’t get over how stunning her jooda and the good old classic gajras look! We are mesmerized!

6. Roses moses

Roses are a symbol of love, hope, promises and new beginnings. And come to think of it, there really is no other flower that depicts love as it does. Not to forget how gorgeous they look, ALWAYS!

Make sure you get your hands on some of the most fragrant roses delivered to your doorstep by The Rose Box.

7. All things elegant


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The innocence and glow on this happy bride’s face is the first thing we noticed in this picture! But what also sets it apart is the subtle incorporation of tiny flowers in her braid. How lovely!

8. Pretty in pink


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Who can forget the elated Bipasha Basu, twirling and dancing throughout her wedding celebrations. Apart from her 1000 watt smile and that ethereal bridal glow, it is her pink floral tiara that stole the show. We totally loved it, didn’t you?

9. The GORG maangtika

Apart from her bindaas attitude and cheery attire, it is the floral maangtika that caught our fancy. We are smitten!

Floral jewellery is such a stunner! Get your hands on this floral gota choker available on Fooljhadi for Rs 3,800

10. Royalty at its best

Neil Nitin Mukesh’s beautiful wife, Rukmini Sahay, took floral hair adornments to another level of prettiness when she matched her accessories with her stunning bridal outfit! Just wow!

Bridal hair care tips that you’ll thank us for!

Hoping to have long, lustrous locks for your big day? That can only be possible if you take enough care of your hair at least 6 months before your wedding. And no, we are not talking about expensive shampoos and treatments. Here are simple and effective tips to take care of your tresses, months before the D-day!

1. Time for supplements

1 bridal hairstyles

A good idea is to consider taking supplements as soon as you get engaged. Discuss this with your your doctor - Biotin or vitamin supplements help in hair health as well as for giving you clearer skin and longer nails.

2. Stay out of the sun

2 bridal hairstyles

The sun’s rays can wreak havoc on our precious locks, especially in our Indian climate where it’s summer almost all year round! Avoid sun exposure as much as you can, wear a hat or even a scarf if you’re going to be out and about to keep your strands protected.

3. Trim often but not too often!

3 bridal hairstyles

Everyone keeps telling you to trim your hair often but how often really? Trims are super important to get rid of dry and split ends, waiting too long can make a split spread up the length of your hair, which means unhealthy strands that won’t grow. But trimming too often is also bad, ’coz then you’re just chopping away the length. Avoid getting a trim every month like some people advise you to. Instead, every 8 to 12 weeks during your engagement period is when you should book your trim appointments to encourage healthy hair growth. Once you chop off those dry ends, you’ll notice how much faster your locks grow.

Make sure you keep those split ends at bay by using a split end repair shampoo available on Nykaa for Rs 122.

4. Practice safe shampooing

4 bridal hairstyles

If you’re shampooing too often and with the wrong products you should just give up on those long hair dreams. Lathering up too often really does dry out those strands and dry hair means slower hair growth. You should be shampooing not more than 3 times a week as a cardinal rule. A sulfate free shampoo is key.

5. Champi time

5 bridal hairstyles

A hot oil massage, once a week, will help de-stress from all the endless shaadi prep as well as stimulate growth right from the roots. Good old coconut oil is all you need for stronger, shinier hair, and regular scalp massages accelerate circulation for longer, stronger locks.

6. Take a break from heat

6 bridal hairstyles

Put down the blow dryer and the straightener and those curling tongs too. Give your mane a detox from damage to help prevent frying your strands, causing more frizz and damaging the hair. Embrace your natural hair and go on a heat strike or at least cut down on it as much as you can - you need to help your strands recoup and get stronger.

Treat your tresses to a moisturizing hair mask, at least once a week with this Forest Essentials intensive hair masque available on Nykaa for Rs 1,425.

7. Awesome DIY rinses

7 bridal hairstyles

An apple cider vinegar rinse or grape seed oil rinse before shampooing are awesome ways to encourage hair growth and promote healthy hair. Do it once a week to help your strands grow super long while also giving you a way softer and silkier texture. It’s a win-win!

8. Your hair is what you eat

8 bridal hairstyles

Your diet also plays a huge role. Keep in mind that certain foods are essential for healthy, shiny hair. Omega-3, protein and zinc are important nutrients to load up on for enviable locks. Munch on nuts, salmon, leafy greens, avocado, eggs and fruits for stronger hair from the inside out. And of course, don’t forget on keeping yourself hydrated sans the fizzy drinks.

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