He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: 8 Simple Ways To Find Out!

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: 8 Simple Ways To Find Out!

In spite of being surrounded by technology and smartphones, in today's times, it is probably more difficult to gauge if we are an object of somebody's affection. Some say that we millennials happen to be less emotionally available than any other generation. This makes expressing our true feelings a little more difficult than it is supposed to be. So, you can be in a relationship and still not know if the person really loves you, the kind of love that stays, or is it just momentary infatuation meant to disappear with time.

But, there are still some signs and ways to know if he reciprocates your feelings. It'll help put your mind at peace and you can just enjoy his company, knowing that he loves and adores you as well.

1. You're A Priority

Any guy who loves you and wants to keep you in his life will always treat you as a priority. You may not be right up there next to his family but expect to be somewhere close. After all, you are his family too now.

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2. He Keeps His Word

If he says he'll be there at 7 PM, he's there at 7 PM. If he says he'll call you back in an hour, trust me, a guy who loves you will call you back at the said time. He wants you to see him as reliable and trustworthy and not flaky.

3. He's Invested In Your Life

A man who values you will genuinely be invested in your life and well-being. He'll ask about your day, want to meet your friends and want to feel like he's a part of your life. After all, you're not just some girl to him.

4. He Misses You

If he really loves you, he will miss you when you're apart. Even if he doesn't say it in so many words, he'll say through his actions. 'I was at a restaurant and I think we should go there together' or 'I just saw something and immediately thought of you' are just some things he'll say when he misses you.

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5. Your Happiness Matters

It's no longer all about him. His choice isn't the only option and sometimes, he might just do something he doesn't really like only because you love that particular thing. And you know he loves you when he goes out of his way to make you happy.

6. He Asks For Advice

Men rarely ask for advice. It's just something they don't do. But if he asks you for his opinion or advice on a matter that's extremely important to him, then he really does love you!

7. It's About More Than Sex

Sex isn't just about physical gratification, it is all about the intimacy between you two. When there is love involved, men view sex as way more than sex - as a way to bond.

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8. His Life Is An Open Book

He's invited you out to meet his friends, probably introduced you to his siblings and you know everyone he works with. A guy who doesn't love you isn't going to do that now, is he?

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