7 Fun Ways To Get Him Under The Mistletoe This Christmas!

7 Fun Ways To Get Him Under The Mistletoe This Christmas!

As a 25-year-old grown ass woman, I can shamelessly admit that I am a sucker for holiday special rom-coms. It all starts with reuniting with your loved ones at the airport, flinging your arms around them - and because I am in a long distance relationship - planting a big kiss on his cheek because I have missed him alright!

If you are crushing hard on someone, and you might have an inkling that they might reciprocate your feelings, this is the time for sealing the deal, literally! ‘Baby, it’s cold outside,’ so this Christmas get them under the mistletoe and tell em how you feel!

1. Go all out   

If you are into a bit of fanfare, why not do a live cover of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Need For Christmas Is You’ to serenade the heck outta him? If this hunk in his right mind, he will kiss you then and there.

2. Write him a letter

It might sound a tad bit cliche but at times our words can express our feelings way better than we can. And if you are a stationary nerd like me, it just gives you more reasons to go all out and hoard up on the stuff you can use for a heartfelt DIY Christmas card. Make it a treasure hunt, where the clues in the letter lead him to the mistletoe!

3. Find an excuse

Tell him that you need to speak with him in private. Give an impression that it is something darned serious so that he comes with you immediately. Gauging from his body language, plant a big smooch on his lips the magical moment that you are under the mistletoe.

4. Ask him on a date

More often than not, guys are always pleasantly surprised and flattered when we take initiative. Be it your partner or someone you fancy, just ask them if they’d like to go out for drinks or dinner with you. If it is a crush and he gets the hint, the night won’t end without the perfect kiss.

4 under the mistletoe

5. Some alcohol courage

If you are at a party with a guy you are utterly besotted with, a glass or two of mulled wine is all you need to break the ice and start a conversation with him (just in case you’re too nervous, otherwise).

6. Be present

Now, this might sound slightly ambiguous but take part in conversations which he’s part of, try and socialise with the same group and let your body language be open and comfortable. Bring your A game to the table, let him notice and seek you out.

7. Just dive in

Do you really want to spend your holidays alone wondering what would have happened if you had mustered the courage to ask out that really cute colleague of yours or even a close best friend with whom you had a special, unsaid chemistry?

Like a wise soul named Chris Martin once pointed out, ‘If you never try, you’ll never no.” So, just go for the kill ladies, and have loads of fun while you’re at it.

7 under the mistletoe

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